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International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE) Volume 6, Issue 4

Book Description

The International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE) provides information in new theoretical and practical approaches about digital economy. For this purpose, the journal provides information that contributes to increasing people's awareness on what the digital economy is and what competitive advantages provide the information, the information technology, and the innovation as main resources. Emphasis is placed on the journal articles that have informative and educative linking theory with practice based on interdisciplinary approach: technical, economical, sociological, and psychological, as well as others.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Digitalization and Information Management in Smart City Government: Requirements for Organizational and Managerial Project Policy
  • Enhancing Communication Practices in Virtual New Product Development Projects
  • Dynamics of Strategic Agency and Participation in Strategy-Making: The Entanglement of Human Actions, IT, and Other Materialities
  • Digitalization as Part of Tourism Brand Development: A Case Study on Two Christmas Destinations