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International Journal of Web Services Research (IJWSR) Volume 11, Issue 3

Book Description

The International Journal of Web Services Research (IJWSR) is the first refereed, international publication featuring the latest research findings and industry solutions involving all aspects of Web services technology. This journal covers advancements, standards, and practices of Web services, as well as identifies emerging research topics and defines the future of Web services on grid computing, multimedia, and communication. IJWSR provides an open, formal publication for high quality articles developed by theoreticians, educators, developers, researchers, and practitioners for those desiring to stay abreast of challenges in Web services technology.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Tx-FAITH: A Transactional Framework for Failure Tolerant Execution of Hierarchical Long-Running Transactions in Business Applications
  • Redundancy-Based Reliability Enhancement for Composite Services
  • A Sub-Chain Ranking and Recommendation Mechanism for Facilitating Geospatial Web Service Composition
  • Efficiently Compositing and Optimizing the Quality of Heterogeneous Services
  • Measuring the Service Quality of E-Commerce and Competitive Strategies