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International Journal of Web Portals (IJWP) Volume 6, Issue 1

Book Description

Web portals are one of the most important components in the context of business integration. The International Journal of Web Portals (IJWP) is a high-quality refereed journal on portal software, engineering practices, and technologies. The journal serves as means for researchers, developers, and industry practitioners to publish their research and practical experiences in the technological, business, organizational, and social dimensions of Web portals development and applications. The journal also promotes communication and networking among portal, Web services, and SOA researchers and engineers at a time when new developments are taking place in portal technologies. Furthermore, it contributes to the development of new portal architectures and solutions in all fields of application.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Online Shopping in the United Arab Emirates: User Web Experience
  • Efficient Incremental Algorithm for Building Swiftly Concepts Lattices
  • Dashboard Services for Pragmatics-Based Interoperability in Cloud and Ubiquitous Manufacturing
  • A Fuzzy Algorithm for Optimizing Semantic Documental Searches: A Case Study with Mendeley and IEEExplore
  • Users' Interest Assessment on Job Portal