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International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare (IJUDH) Volume 4, Issue 2

Book Description

The International Journal of User-Driven Healthcare (IJUDH) is a refereed, applied research journal designed to provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of clinical problem solving in healthcare. The term "user" includes health professionals as well as patients and anyone who uses the web with a user name. These "users" generate an information flow that "drives" the system's workflow (hence the choice of the term "driven"). "User-driven healthcare" aims at improved healthcare through clinical problem solving utilizing concerted experiential learning in conversations between multiple users and stakeholders, primarily patients, health professionals, and other actors in a care giving collaborative network across a Web interface. The journal serves as a valuable academic platform for all these stakeholders to document and share their learning.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • eICU STUDY: A Proof of Concept
  • A Self-Management System for Chronically Ill Patients
  • Role Plays Used During A Humanities In Medicine Module: Selected Transcripts Part 2
  • The Vascular System: Unblocking Conduits to Our Rivers Within
  • Single Case Studies as Seeds: Brain Models That Matter
  • “Paper Teachers:”: Towards a True Postgraduate Education