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International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management (IJRCM) Volume 3, Issue 2

Book Description

The International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management (IJRCM) publishes interdisciplinary research papers, reviews, and case studies that examine risk, uncertainty, and contingency. The journal encourages risk and contingency research from disciplines like healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, agriculture, government, education, military, transportation, finance, and technology. The journal’s cross-disciplinary coverage and applied focus moves risk and contingency management away from pure financial coverage. Academicians and researchers benefit by gaining insights from the research in this journal concerning how risk is measured and mitigated against across different disciplines, industries, and sectors.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Perceptions and Framing of Risk, Uncertainty, Loss, and Failure in Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Insights from a Textile-Apparel Supply Chain
  • Contemporary Financial Risk Management Perceptions and Practices of Small-Sized Chinese Businesses
  • Reducing Risk through Governance: Impact of Compensation, Defense, and Accounting Practices
  • Impact of Financial Risk Ratios on Profitability of Multinational vs. Domestic Pharmaceuticals in India