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International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME) Volume 4, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering (IJMMME) is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes high quality articles with special emphasis on research and development in manufacturing, materials and mechanical engineering. IJMMME provides discussion and the exchange of information on all important aspects of classical and modern mechanical engineering. In addition, IJMMME covers all sustainable development aspects related with manufacturing, materials, and mechanical engineering.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Neural Network Based Modelling and GRA Coupled PCA Optimization of Hole Sinking Electro Discharge Micromachining
  • Experimentation and Analysis into Micro-Hole Machining of Ti-6Al-4V by Micro-EDM Using Boron Carbide Powder Mixed De-Ionized Water
  • Drilling Of Tio2 and Zns Filled Gfrp Composites: A Taguchi Approach
  • Unsteady Numerical and Experimental Study of Cavitation in Axial Pump
  • Coupled Field Thermoelectric Simulation of High Voltage Ceramic Cap and Pin Disc Type Insulator Assembly