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International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IJITWE) Volume 9, Issue 4

Book Description

Organizations are continuously overwhelmed by a variety of new information technologies; many are Web-based. These new technologies are capitalizing on the widespread use of network and communication technologies for seamless integration of various issues in information and knowledge sharing within and among organizations. This emphasis on integrated approaches is unique to this journal and dictates cross platform and multidisciplinary strategy to research and practice.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Diagnosis and Classification of Chronic Renal Failure Utilising Intelligent Data Mining Classifiers
  • GPU Scaling: From Personal Supercomputing to the Cloud
  • Efficient Low-Power Compact Hardware Units for Real-Time Image Processing
  • Spectral Graph and Minimal Spanning Tree for 3D Polygonal Meshes Fingerprinting
  • Cluster-Based Online Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Network