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International Journal of IT/Business Alignment and Governance (IJITBAG) Volume 5, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of IT/Business Alignment and Governance (IJITBAG) focuses on management and governance issues within the IT-related business domain. In this domain, the emphasis is on how organizations enable both businesses and IT people to execute their responsibilities in support of business/IT alignment and the creation of business value from IT-enabled investments. This journal distributes leading research that is both academically executed and relevant for practice in the professional IT and business community. The journal encourages practice-oriented research papers from academics, case studies, and reflective papers from practitioners. Both quantitative and qualitative research papers are welcome, and special attention is giving to explorative research reports that leverage innovate research methodologies to explore new insights in the practitioners’ field and theory.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Business/IT Alignment through IT Governance Patterns in Portuguese Healthcare
  • Understanding the Association between IT Governance Maturity and IT Governance Disclosure
  • Culture Influence on IT Governance: What We Have Learned?
  • Understanding Outsourcing Risk Factors Based on Modularity: The BSKYB Case