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International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD) Volume 5, Issue 4

Book Description

The International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design (IJISMD) publishes original research and practical results on the advances in system analysis and design. The journal promotes the emerging discipline of informatics and its research results on the methods of requirements engineering, enterprise system modeling, service design, integration, evolution, and implementation. This journal examines the theoretical foundations of new generation design tools, which facilitate reasoning regarding emerging compositions of services and bridging the communication gap among business managers and system designers. The primary goal of system modeling and design is to align business models with computerized services to make both organizational and technical system parts more effective.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • A Proposal to Elicit Usability Requirements within a Model-Driven Development Environment
  • Intentional Process Mining: Discovering and Modeling the Goals Behind Processes using Supervised Learning
  • Responding to Ongoing Change: Challenges for Information Systems Modeling
  • Representing Micro-Business Requirements Patterns with Associated Software Components
  • Document Model and Prototyping Methods for Web Engineering