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International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals (IJHCITP) Volume 5, Issue 2

Book Description

The International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals (IJHCITP) focuses on the IT field from the outlook of industry professionals and covers multidisciplinary themes such as human resource management, sociology, psychology, and management along with technology itself. Representing IT professionalism from the human capital point of view, the journal publishes original research papers, research notes, reviews, and cases on all aspects of IT professionalism, technology-related careers, personnel empowerment, organizational management and cutting edge technologies affecting IT practitioners. This journal emphasizes articles linking theory with application or critically analyzing cases with the objective of identifying good practice in the management of IT human capital.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • The Impact of Perceived Organizational Politics on Work Attitudes: The Moderating Role of Leader-Member-Exchange Quality
  • Combining Flexibility and Data Handling in Business Process Models
  • Information Architecture For IS Function: A Case Study
  • FLINN: A Framework to Characterize Technology Enhanced Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning Situations
  • ModEAS: Towards A Modular Enterprise App Store