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International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (IJGEE) Volume 5, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (IJGEE) encourages publication and dissemination of research and development on geotechnical engineering, geophysics and geothermal engineering, pavement engineering, engineering seismology, engineering geology, disaster mitigation, and structural engineering. This journal presents original articles on the latest findings and industry solutions for those fields by the leading experts. The journal reports and archives cutting-edge research in a timely manner in the form of original research articles, review articles, technical notes, and discussion.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Effect of Soil on Ground Motion Amplification of Kolkata City
  • Effect of Epicenter Data Inconsistency in Determining Bandwidth and its Subsequent Use in Hazard Analysis for Chennai Using Kernel Smoothing Approach
  • Pseudo-Dynamic Active Earth Pressure on Battered Face Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill Considering Curvilinear Rupture Surface
  • A Syncretic Approach Towards a Meta-Integrative Platform for Effective Disaster Management
  • Impact Analysis of Seismic Source Area Extent on Hazard Estimate for Chennai City