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International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC) Volume 10, Issue 2

Book Description

The International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC) addresses the design and implementation of e-collaboration technologies, assesses its behavioral impact on individuals and groups, and presents theoretical considerations on links between the use of e-collaboration technologies and behavioral patterns. An innovative collection of the latest research findings, this journal covers significant topics such as Web-based chat tools, Web-based asynchronous conferencing tools, e-mail, listservs, collaborative writing tools, group decision support systems, teleconferencing suites, workflow automation systems, and document management technologies.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Employee Acceptance and Use of Unified Communications and Collaboration in a Cross-Cultural Environment
  • How is Building Information Modeling Influenced by Project Complexity?: A Cross-Case Analysis of e-Collaboration Performance in Building Construction
  • Panel Supply Chain Collaboration Using a Web-Based Decision Support System to Improve Product Quality and On-Time Delivery
  • Designing Collaborative Activities to Promote Understanding and Problem-Solving