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International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST) Volume 6, Issue 1

Book Description

Decision Making Support Systems (DMSS) are information systems that interactively support the decision making process of individuals and groups in life, public, and private organizations, and other entities. These systems include Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information Systems (EIS), Expert Systems (ES), Knowledge Based Systems (KBS), and Creativity Enhancing Systems (CES). Other DMSS, such as Executive Support systems (ESS), Management Support Systems (MSS), Artificially Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS), and Decision Technology Systems (DTS), integrate the functions of DSS, EIS, ES, KBS, or CES, to provide more comprehensive support than the individual separate systems. Each DMSS is a vehicle that delivers computer and information technology and decision technology effectively and efficiently to the system user at a local or networked workstation or online through the Internet. Computer and information technology typically involves hardware, systems software, and applications software, while decision technology usually involves accounting, cognitive science, economic, management science, and statistical models that describe the decision problem explicitly and provide algorithms, and methodologies that generate forecasts and recommended solutions. There are a number of excellent theoretical and applied scholarly journals that offer articles in many DMSS areas. None, however, have a primary focus on DMSS technology and its role in DMSS support for the decision making process. The primary objective of the International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST) is to provide comprehensive coverage for DMSS technology issues. The issues can involve, among other things, new hardware and software for DMSS, new models to deliver decision making support, dialog management between the user and system, data and model base management within the system, output display and presentation, DMSS operations, and DMSS technology management. Since the technology's purpose is to improve decision making, the articles are expected to link DMSS technology to improvements in the process and outcomes of the decision making process. This link can be established theoretically, mathematically, or empirically in a systematic and scientific manner.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Evaluation of a Multi-Goal Solver for Use in a Blackboard Architecture
  • Argument Mapping and Content Fusion to Support the Analysis and Synthesis of Information in Online Discussions
  • MAGDM-Miner: A New Algorithm for Mining Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Correlation Rules
  • A Participatory Approach to Designing Decision Support Systems in Emergency Management