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International Journal of Artificial Life Research (IJALR) Volume 4, Issue 1

Book Description

The International Journal of Artificial Life Research (IJALR) provides a forum on the study of living systems, human level artificial systems, and machines that exhibit intelligent autonomous behavioral characteristics. Presenting researchers and practitioners with access to explore the developments of life-like or human-like forms of systems, IJALR promotes research in emerging disciplines of artificial life to improve and comprehend real-world problems. This journal publishes all concepts, theories, systems, and procedures that exhibit properties, phenomena, or abilities of any living system or human.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • What Have Computational Models Ever Done for Us?: A Case Study in Classical Conditioning
  • Knowledge in Memetic Algorithms for Stock Classification
  • Virtual Worlds and Social Media: Security and Privacy Concerns, Implications, and Practices
  • Cognitive and Environmental Factors Influencing the Process of Spatial Knowledge Acquisition within Virtual Reality Environments
  • A Flexible Bio-Signal Based HMI for Hands-Free Control of an Electric Powered Wheelchair