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International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering (IJAIE) Volume 2, Issue 1

Book Description

This International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering (IJAIE) provides a domain for professionals, academicians, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners working in the fields of industrial engineering, reliability engineering, TQM, management, and globalization to present their research findings, propose new methodologies, disseminate the latest findings, and to learn from each other’s research directions. IJAIE focuses on applied research in the areas of industrial engineering with a bearing on inter and intra disciplinary research. This journal publishes full-length research manuscripts, insightful research, and practice notes, as well as case studies.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Interdisciplinary Game-Theoretic Approach to Trust Modeling
  • Addressing Privacy in Traditional and Cloud-Based Systems
  • Domiciling Truck Drivers More Strategically in a Transportation Network
  • Standardized Dynamic Reconfiguration of Control Applications in Industrial Systems
  • Heuristic Approaches for Non-Convex Problems: Application to the Design of Structured Controllers and Spiral Inductors