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International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics (IJABE) Volume 2, Issue 3

Book Description

The scope of the International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics (IJABE) encompasses how preferences, attitude, and behavioral issues influence economic agents involved in business and organizations. Special attention is given to the impact that globalization and digitalization have on businesses and organizations from a behavioral point of view. An interdisciplinary approach is required, as economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology are domains that contribute to understanding complex economic behavior, its triggers, and its practical implications. The journal encourages practice-oriented research papers from academics and reflective papers from practitioners, as well as case studies. Both quantitative and qualitative research papers are welcomed, as well as research that uses innovative methodologies to explore new insights in the field and theory.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Leading Change in Organizations by Incentivizing Teachers to Stimulate Motivation
  • Does the Color of Feedback Affect Investment Decisions?
  • A Study on Worker’s Perceptions of Psychological Capital on their Earnings
  • The Effect of Farmer Capacities, Farm Business Resources and Perceived Support of Family, Friends and Associational Networks on Intentions to Invest in Renewable Energy Ventures in the UK