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International Human Resource Development, 3rd Edition

Book Description

International Human Resource Development will provide both thought-provoking questions and stimulating answers to the key factors in HR development today. It's the ideal handbook for all professional trainers and provides core information needed by all professional students of this subject. This third edition has been fully updated and revised with a new international focus with case studies from a range of international experts in the field.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Dedication
  3. Title page
  4. Imprint
  5. Table of contents
  6. List of figures
  7. List of tables
  8. List of in practice case studies
  9. Contributors
  10. Preface
  11. Part one: International human resource development and learning
    1. 1. International human resource development
    2. 2. Strategic human resource development
    3. 3. What is learning
  12. Part two: Organizational learning
    1. 4. Change management and organization development
    2. 5. Knowledge management
  13. Part three: National and international learning, education, training and human resource development
    1. 6. National systems of education
    2. 7. UK vocational education and training
    3. 8. European vocational education and training
    4. 9. National human resource development strategies: comparing Brazil, Russia, India and China
    5. 10. International development: policy learning as an approach to VET reform in transition and development countries
    6. 11. Capacity development and human resource development
  14. Part four: The training cycle
    1. Part four A: Identification of learning needs
      1. 12. The identification of learning needs
    2. Part four B: Design
      1. 13. Designing learning events
      2. 14. Working in multicultural and multilingual environments: HRD professionals as learning and change agents in the global workpiace
    3. Part four C: Delivery
      1. 15. Delivering training
      2. 16. Informal, non-formal and work-based methods of learning
      3. 17. Coaching and mentoring
    4. Part four D: Evaluation
      1. 18. Assessment and evaluation
  15. Part five: Managing HRD
    1. 19. Leadership and management development
    2. 20. Managing human resource development functions and services
    3. 21. HRD practice and research: investigating business issues through applied social science research
    4. 22. HRD and consultancy
    5. 23. Learning spaces that change people and organizations
    6. 24. HRD and business ethics
  16. Index
  17. Full imprint