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Integrated Project Management

Book Description

This book provides users with a solid basis for managing a project and helps them prepare for dealing with managers, project customers, and the people who work with them on a project.KEY TOPICS:This book serves as a useful handbook for project managers and can be used by those who receive project management assignments as part of their job as well as persons with project management titles. Topics include: Project Work Breakdown Structure and Team Recruitment, Creating the Project Gantt Chart, Budget and Cost, Project Plan Review, Project Execution, among many others. MARKET: Useful for various fields including project managers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, etc.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Authors
  5. The IPM Project Manager
    1. Introduction
    2. Leadership of a Project Team
    3. The Definition of IPM Leadership
    4. Motivation
    5. Communication Skills
    6. Collaborative Leadership
    7. Conflict Resolution and Consensus Decisions
    8. Shared Leadership
    9. Establishment of the Internal Customer Philosophy
    10. Project Managers as Trainers and Teachers
    11. Negotiation Skills
    12. The Ability to Maintain Order and Discipline
    13. The Project Diary
    14. Summary
    15. Discussion Questions
    16. Exercises
  6. The Project, the Statement of Work, and the Specification
    1. Introduction
    2. The Definition of a Project
    3. Project Feasibility
    4. The Birth of a Project
    5. The Project Sponsor
    6. Project Hazards
    7. The Daily Life of a Project Manager
    8. Assessment of the Problem
    9. Emergency Project Shutdown
    10. Documentation of Project Decisions for Project Approval
    11. A Case Study
    12. The Specification and the Statement of Work
    13. Development of the Project Specification
    14. The Project Specification
    15. Examples of Project Specifications
    16. Customer and Sponsor Start-Up Expectations
    17. Project Management Alternatives
    18. Summary
    19. Discussion Questions
  7. Project Work Breakdown Structure and Team Recruitment
    1. Introduction
    2. The Project Begins
    3. Work Breakdown Structure
    4. Determination of the Skills Needed for the Project
    5. There is no Such Thing as a Generic Project Manager
    6. Recruitment of the Project Team
    7. The Task Leader and the Task Work Group
    8. Considerations for Recruitment
    9. Summary
    10. Discussion Questions
  8. The Kickoff Meeting
    1. Introduction
    2. The Importance of the Kickoff Meeting
    3. The Kickoff Meeting Agenda
    4. Agenda Item Explanations
    5. Team Member Expectations
    6. Summary
    7. Discussion Questions
  9. The Project Task List
    1. Introduction
    2. Preparations for the First Project Task List Meeting
    3. The Affinity Diagram
    4. The First Project Task List Meeting: Using the Affinity Diagram to Create the Task List
    5. A Discussion of Work Breakdown
    6. Reasons for Work Breakdown
    7. Affinity Diagram Bonuses
    8. The Final Project Task List Meeting
    9. Summary
    10. Discussion Questions
  10. Creating The Project Gantt Chart
    1. Introduction
    2. Gantt Chart Basics
    3. Preparation for Creating the Gantt Chart
    4. Good Project Task Estimates
    5. Utilization of a Computer And Project Management Software to Help Complete the Gantt Chart
    6. The Project Gantt Chart Tasks
    7. A Very Simple Gantt Chart Example
    8. Acquisition of the Support of the Resource Managers
    9. Resource Negotiations: A Communication Scenario
    10. Preparation for Risk Analysis
    11. Pre-Organization of Computer Data for the Project Gantt Chart
    12. The Large Basic Project Gantt Chart
    13. Gantt Chart Utilities
    14. Special Uses for Gantt Charts
    15. Summary
    16. Discussion Questions
  11. Critical Path
    1. Introduction
    2. Critical Path Details
    3. Creation of the Critical Path Arrow Diagram
    4. Example
    5. Example
    6. Summary
    7. Discussion Questions
  12. Risk Analysis Basics—Time Buffer Calculations
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Team Meetings
    3. Why Risk Analysis is Necessary
    4. The History of Risk Analysis
    5. Risk Analysis
    6. Task Duration Basics
    7. An Imaginary Experiment
    8. Data for Risk Analysis
    9. Case Example
    10. Application of the Risk Data
    11. The Psychological Impact of Risk Analysis
    12. Documentation of the Risk Data
    13. Application of the Risk Analysis
    14. The Risk Factor
    15. Summary
    16. Discussion Questions
  13. Risk Analysis Details
    1. Introduction
    2. Multiple Contributions From One Task
    3. Computation and the Location of a Risk Factor
    4. Analysis of Contribution Table
    5. Additional Sources of Project Overrun
    6. Risk Tasks and Software Tools
    7. Summary
    8. Discussion Questions
  14. Budget and Cost
    1. Introduction
    2. Time, Resource, and Cost Management
    3. Budget and Cost
    4. The Project Cost Calculation Procedure
    5. The Project Plan Review
    6. Financials for a Major Project
    7. Summary
    8. Discussion Questions
  15. Project Plan Review
    1. Introduction
    2. The Plan Review
    3. Project Review Attendeees
    4. Presentation of the Review
    5. Adjustments
    6. Example
    7. Launch the Project
    8. Summary
    9. Discussion Questions
  16. Project Execution
    1. Introduction
    2. Notes on the Project Launch
    3. The Project Launch Meeting
    4. Project Management
    5. The Operations Gantt Chart
    6. Walk-About Management and Communications
    7. Discipline and Order
    8. Milestones and Project Reviews
    9. The Reasons Behind Milestone Meetings
    10. Movement Toward Completion
    11. Summary
    12. Discussion Questions
  17. Project Change
    1. Introduction
    2. Management of Customer Indecisions
    3. The Change Committee: Structure and Procedures
    4. Project Change Control
    5. Examples of Change Requests and Change Processing
    6. Summary
    7. Discussion Questions
  18. Achieving Closure
    1. Introduction
    2. Project Closure
    3. Project Achievment Demonstrations
    4. The Project Report and Other Documentation
    5. Project Closure Celebration
    6. Examples of Project Closure
    7. Summary
    8. Discussion Questions
  19. On Being an IPM Team Member
    1. Introduction
    2. Details of Team Member Participation
    3. Summary
    4. Discussion Questions
  20. Basic Projects, Major Projects, and Macro Projects
    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Projects and Their Limitations
    3. The Basic Project
    4. The Very Small Basic Project
    5. The Major Project
    6. The Macro Project
    7. Summary
    8. Discussion Questions
  21. Glossary