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Information System Design Using Twiki

Book Description

Learn information system design by example using the TWiki wiki.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started with TWiki
    1. Wikis and TWiki
      1. What’s a Wiki?
      2. A Look at Wiki Markup
      3. Why TWiki?
        1. TWiki Variables
          1. %INCLUDE%
          2. %SEARCH%
          3. %TOC%
          4. %URLPARAM%
        2. TWiki Plugins
          1. %CALC%
          2. %COMMENT%
          3. %EDITTABLE%
          4. %TABLE%
          5. %TAGME%
      4. Useful Documentation in TWiki
    2. Setting Up TWiki on a Local Server or at twiki.net
      1. Installation: Linux and Apache
      2. Installation: TWiki VM on Windows and Mac OS
      3. Hosted Installation at twiki.net
    3. A Quick Guide to TWiki Text Formatting
      1. TWiki Code: Like HTML, But Faster and Easier
      2. Links, Lists, and Tables
        1. Links
        2. Lists
        3. Tables
        4. Why Use “Raw Edit” and NOT the WYSIWYG Editor
    4. Getting Started with TWiki Webs
      1. What’s a Web?
      2. Standard Webs in Every Installation
      3. Creating a Web
        1. Default Web Templates
          1. Editing the _default Template
          2. Creating a New Template Web
          3. Hiding Webs
    5. Web Utility Topics and How to Use Them
      1. WebTopicList
      2. WebChanges
      3. WebNotifications
      4. WebStatistics
      5. WebPreferences
  3. Information System Design
    1. Information System Design: Introduction
      1. The Prototype System: A Recipe Database
    2. Information System Design 1: Topics
      1. Topics: The Building Blocks of All Help Systems
      2. Analyzing Topic Structure
      3. Project 1: Recipe Re-Write
        1. Using the %INCLUDE% Variable for Repeated Information
    3. Information Design 2: Topic Templates
      1. Why Use Templates?
      2. Creating a Topic Template
      3. Project 2: Create a WebTopicEditTemplate Topic and HTML Form to Create New Topics
    4. Information Design 3: Metadata and Usability
      1. What’s Metadata?
      2. Users and Usability
      3. Project 3: Write User Scenarios
      4. Project 4: Create a TWiki Form to Capture Metadata about Recipe Topics
    5. Search and Information Retrieval Mechanisms
      1. A Quick Look at %SEARCH%
      2. Building Information Retrieval Systems
      3. Project 5: Display a Topic List Automatically
      4. Project 6: Build a Topic Browser
      5. Project 7: Build a Knowledge Base
    6. Tagging and Other User Interactions with Content
      1. Tags and Folksonomies
      2. Project 8: Add a Tag Cloud to a WebHome
        1. Comment Boxes
  4. TWiki How-To
    1. TWiki How-To: Introduction
      1. Setting Up Notifications
      2. Creating Topic Templates
        1. Setting Up Topic Templates
    2. Setting up and Using TWiki Forms/WEBFORMS
      1. TWiki Forms and Metadata
      2. Creating and Using a TWiki Form
        1. The RecipeForm TWiki Form
          1. Use Single Words or WikiWords for TWiki Form Field Names
        2. Using %URLPARAM% to set “Values” in HTML Form Inputs
    3. Creating New Topics with HTML Form Inputs
      1. Why Use HTML Forms?
      2. Using an HTML Form and Topic Template to Create TWiki Topics
      3. Using Form Field Inputs in the Topic Template
        1. An Example HTML Form for Creating New Recipes
      4. Populating TWiki Form Fields with HTML Form Inputs
    4. Using %SEARCH% to Display Topic Lists
      1. How %SEARCH% works
      2. A %SEARCH% Example
      3. Adapting the Code
    5. Building a Topic Browser
      1. Create the BrowserList Topic
      2. Create the Browser Topic
    6. Building a Knowledge Base
      1. What's a Knowledge Base?
      2. Building a Knowledge Base in TWiki
    7. Displaying a Tag Cloud for the Web
      1. Create a TagMeSearch Topic
      2. Create a TagMeViewAllTags Topic
      3. Create a WebHome Tag Cloud
      4. Renaming and Deleting Tags
    8. Conclusion
  5. Index