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Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ) Volume 27, Issue 3

Book Description

The Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ) is an applied research, refereed, international journal providing coverage of challenges, opportunities, problems, trends, and solutions encountered by both scholars and practitioners in the field of information technology management. IRMJ emphasizes the managerial and organizational facets of information technology resources management. Articles published in IRMJ deal with a vast number of issues concerning usage, failure, success, policies, strategies, and applications of information technology in organizations. This journal presents the latest findings and expert opinions of leading information technology managers in various industries.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • Digital Reading: Educational Gaps and Documentary Preservation
  • English Abstracts in Open Access Translation Studies Journals in Spain (2011-12): Errors in the Writing, Editing and Publishing Chain
  • From Bibliographic Records to Data: Changes in the Library Environment with the Application of Linked Open Data Technologies
  • Science Communication 2.0: The Situation of Spain through Its Public Universities and the Most Widely-Circulated Online Newspapers
  • Electronic Journals: Their Use and Impact in the Portuguese Universities Output