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Book Description

Portals have come into their own in the last several years. Over this time, I have seen portal technology become the latest expression of businesses trying to organize the torrent of information that computers bring.

BEA portal is a leader in portal technology. It allows for an enterprise level of support, stability, and capability. Portal 92 has the tools to make your next portal project a success. It also has the sophistication to keep your portal running and remaining relevant to your business. If you are investigating BEA Portal technology, or if you are a seasoned BEA administrator, you will benefit from this document. In this Short Cut, I will discuss implementing the latest version of BEA Portal in a no-nonsense, straight forward fashion. Interested? Read on.

Table of Contents

  1. Implementing BEA Portal 92
    1. The Business Case
    2. Getting Started
    3. Licenses
    4. Designing Your Portal
      1. Planning Your Infrastructure Tiers
      2. Galactic Avatar Corp. Portal Plan
    5. Creating the Application Domain
      1. Definitions
        1. Command shell scripting
      2. GUI Mode of Domain Creation
    6. Deploying the Portal Application
      1. Introduction to Workshop
      2. Targeting Portal Libraries
      3. Descriptor Files
      4. Authenticators
      5. Autonomy Search Engine
        1. Deploying portal EAR file to domain
      6. Post Installation
    7. Utilities and Troubleshooting
    8. Summary
      1. Dedication
    9. About the Author