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Practical Considerations

There are several things you need to consider when working with digest authentication. This section discusses some of these issues.

Multiple Challenges

A server can issue multiple challenges for a resource. For example, if a server does not know the capabilities of a client, it may provide both basic and digest authentication challenges. When faced with multiple challenges, the client must choose to answer with the strongest authentication mechanism that it supports.

User agents must take special care in parsing the WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header field value if it contains more than one challenge or if more than one WWW-Authenticate header field is provided, as a challenge may itself contain a comma-separated list of authentication parameters. Note that many browsers recognize only basic authentication and require that it be the first authentication mechanism presented.

There are obvious "weakest link" security concerns when providing a spectrum of authentication options. Servers should include basic authentication only if it is minimally acceptable, and administrators should caution users about the dangers of sharing the same password across systems when different levels of security are being employed.

Error Handling

In digest authentication, if a directive or its value is improper, or if a required directive is missing, the proper response is 400 Bad Request.

If a request's digest does not match, a login failure should be logged. Repeated ...

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