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How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Designed to help anyone lacking in practice, How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests is an invaluable resource for brushing up on your maths skills. An overview of the basics is followed by a step-by-step guide to numerical tests including fractions and decimals, rates, percentages, data interpretation and ratios and proportions. Written in an approachable way and using an easy to follow format, it will help boost your understanding and develop your analytical skills. Focusing on the core areas of numeracy, it will help you learn to answer questions without using of a calculator and dramatically increase your numerical confidence.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Dedication
  5. Table of contents
  6. Preface to second edition
  7. Introduction
    1. Being prepared for the test
  8. 1. Review the basics
    1. Chapter topics
    2. Terms used in this chapter
    3. Multiplication tables
    4. Dividing and multiplying numbers
    5. Long multiplication
    6. Prime numbers
    7. Multiples
    8. Working with large numbers
    9. Working with signed numbers
    10. Multiplication of signed numbers
    11. Averages
    12. Answers to Chapter 1
  9. 2. Fractions and decimals
    1. Chapter topics
    2. Terms used in this chapter
    3. What a fraction is
    4. Proper and improper fractions
    5. Working with fractions
    6. Finding the lowest common multiple
    7. Fraction operations
    8. Adding fractions
    9. Decimal operations
    10. Adding decimals
    11. Answers to Chapter 2
  10. 3. Rates
    1. Chapter topics
    2. Terms used in this chapter
    3. Converting units
    4. Working with rates
    5. Work rate problems
    6. Answers to Chapter 3
  11. 4. Percentages
    1. Chapter topics
    2. Terms used in this chapter
    3. Converting between percentages, fractions and decimals
    4. Converter tables
    5. Working with percentages
    6. Simple interest and compound interest
    7. Answers to Chapter 4
  12. 5. Ratios and proportions
    1. Chapter topics
    2. Terms used in this chapter
    3. Working with ratios
    4. Ratios and common units of measure
    5. Types of ratio
    6. Using ratios to find actual quantities
    7. Proportions
    8. Answers to Chapter 5
  13. 6. Data interpretation
    1. Data interpretation questions
    2. Answers to Chapter 6
    3. Explanations to Chapter 6 questions
  14. 7. Word problems
    1. Approaching a word problem
    2. Practice test
    3. Practice test answers and explanations
    4. Q1 answer = 25p
    5. Q5 explanation
    6. Q6 explanation
    7. Q7 explanation
    8. Q8 explanation
    9. Q9 explanation
    10. Q10 explanation
  15. Glossary
    1. Terms
    2. Formulae used in this book
  16. Recommendations for further practice
    1. Useful websites
  17. Full imprint