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How to be an Even Better Manager, 9th Edition

Book Description

This ninth edition of the best-selling How to be an Even Better Manager covers over 60 essential topics across the three key areas in which any manager needs to be competent: managing people; managing activities and processes; and managing and developing yourself. Thoroughly revised and updated, with ten new chapters providing timely advice on topics such as coaching, developing emotional intelligence, innovating and effectively using financial ratios and balance sheets, this is an invaluable handbook for current and aspiring managers. How to be an Even Better Manager provides sound guidelines that will help you to develop a broad base of managerial skills and knowledge.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Table of content
  5. Foreword to the ninth edition
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
    1. Chapter One: How to be a better manager
  8. General management
    1. Chapter Two: How to achieve continuous improvement
    2. Chapter Three: How to improve organizational capability
    3. Chapter Four: How to manage corporate culture
    4. Chapter Five: How to benchmark
    5. Chapter Six: How to delight customers
  9. Business and financial management
    1. Chapter Seven: How to be businesslike
    2. Chapter Eight: How to make a business case
    3. Chapter Nine: How to prepare a business plan
    4. Chapter Ten: How to conduct business model innovation
    5. Chapter Eleven: How to budget
    6. Chapter Twelve: How to cut costs
    7. Chapter Thirteen: How to read a balance sheet
    8. Chapter Fourteen: How to use financial ratios
  10. Managing people
    1. Chapter Fifteen: How to develop people
    2. Chapter Sixteen: How to coach
    3. Chapter Seventeen: How to handle people problems
    4. Chapter Eighteen: How to be a better leader
    5. Chapter Nineteen: How to herd cats
    6. Chapter Twenty: How to motivate people
    7. Chapter Twenty-one: How to persuade
    8. Chapter Twenty-two: How to empower
    9. Chapter Twenty-three: How to enhance engagement
    10. Chapter Twenty-four: How to run a meeting
    11. Chapter Twenty-five: How to be an effective member of a meeting
  11. Management skills
    1. Chapter Twenty-six: How to communicate
    2. Chapter Twenty-seven: How to control
    3. Chapter Twenty-eight: How to coordinate
    4. Chapter Twenty-nine: How to delegate
    5. Chapter Thirty: How to make things happen
    6. Chapter Thirty-one: How to manage your boss
    7. Chapter Thirty-two: How to manage change
    8. Chapter Thirty-three: How to manage conflict
    9. Chapter Thirty-four: How to manage a crisis
    10. Chapter Thirty-five: How to manage performance
    11. Chapter Thirty-six: How to set objectives
    12. Chapter Thirty-seven: How to manage projects
    13. Chapter Thirty-eight: How to manage risk
    14. Chapter Thirty-nine: How to manage stress
    15. Chapter Forty: How to manage time
    16. Chapter Forty-one: How to negotiate
    17. Chapter Forty-two: How to organize
    18. Chapter Forty-three: How to plan and prioritize
    19. Chapter Forty-four: How to deal with office politics
  12. Personal skills
    1. Chapter Forty-five: How to assess your own performance
    2. Chapter Forty-six: How to get on
    3. Chapter Forty-seven: How to develop your emotional intelligence
    4. Chapter Forty-eight: How to be confident
    5. Chapter Forty-nine: How to be assertive
    6. Chapter Fifty: How to be decisive
    7. Chapter Fifty-one: How to solve problems
    8. Chapter Fifty-two: How to be both efficient and effective
    9. Chapter Fifty-three: How to be creative
    10. Chapter Fifty-four: How to innovate
    11. Chapter Fifty-five: How to interview
    12. Chapter Fifty-six: How to be interviewed
    13. Chapter Fifty-seven: How to listen
    14. Chapter Fifty-eight: How to make effective presentations
    15. Chapter Fifty-nine: How to write reports
    16. Chapter Sixty: How to network
    17. Chapter Sixty-one: How to be strategic
    18. Chapter Sixty-two: How to think clearly
    19. Chapter Sixty-three: How to troubleshoot
    20. Chapter Sixty-four: How to recover from setbacks
    21. Chapter Sixty-five: How things go wrong and how to put them right
  13. Index
  14. Full imprint