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Honing Negotiation Skills

Video Description

In a world of multiple perspectives and often entrenched viewpoints, negotiation skills are a must whether it be for negotiating individually or by teams, with suppliers, contractors, managers, clients or other stakeholders. They are vital in assisting outcomes and developing win-win results for stakeholders. Peter Quarry interviews experts who provide practical advice.

The two video chapters are:

  1. Negotiating with Suppliers: 15 minutes Businesses need to negotiate more effectively with suppliers, not just on price. Psychologist Eve Ash reminds us to be factual, clear, fast and persistent and avoid common mistakes. She offers practical tips and five steps to negotiate with new and existing suppliers.
  2. Team Negotiations: 14 minutes In this video, learn why more and more negotiations are being conducted by teams, rather than individuals. Uncover the crucial do's and don'ts. This program features psychologist Peter Quarry interviewing Stephen Kozicki, Managing Director, Innovative Business Development, Australia.

Table of Contents

  1. Negotiating with Suppliers 00:14:41
  2. Team Negotiations 00:14:11