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Hiring The Best, 5th Edition

Book Description

Employees are your company's number one asset. Hiring the Best offers managers and HR personnel a proven and practical approach to recruiting and selecting the right people for the job. With over 400 questions you can use to interview candidates and obtain the most pertinent information, you'll be armed with the tools you need to ensure that you are indeed Hiring the Best.

Completely revised and updated! Updates include new section on electronic recruitment, revised resource section, and information about law and guidelines that influence hiring practices.

Hiring the Best allows you to determine not only if candidates can do the job, but also if they can be managed effectively and thrive in their new positions.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. 1 You, Your Staff, Your Career
  7. 2 How to Define Your Needs
    1. Describe the Job First
    2. Wanted: A Problem Solver
    3. Defining Education and Experience
    4. Determining Supportive Professional Behaviors
    5. Finding Motivation
    6. Determining Manageability and Teamwork
    7. Special Considerations
    8. Finalizing the Job Description
    9. Deciding on Compensation
    10. Performance Incentives
    11. A Last Consideration
  8. 3 Recruitment in Today’s Marketplace
    1. People Power
    2. Hiring from Within
    3. Helping Out Human Resources
    4. Networking
    5. The Company Web Site
    6. Professional Networks
    7. Networking on the Internet
    8. Professional Community Sites
    9. Professional Networking Sites
    10. College Career Services and Alumni Associations
    11. References
    12. Employee Referral Programs
    13. Ex-Employees
    14. Customers and Vendors
    15. Advertising: Newspapers and the Internet
    16. Print or Internet
    17. America's FREE Job Bank
    18. Creating the Message
    19. Recruiting for Today and Tomorrow
    20. Grab the Reader's Attention
    21. Radio
    22. Job Fairs
    23. University Internship/Co-op Programs
    24. The Local Department of Labor as a Recruitment Source
    25. Employment Services
    26. Executive Search Research Companies
    27. Non-Permanent Recruitment Solutions
    28. Independent Contractors and Consulting Companies
    29. Staff Leasing
    30. Widening the Candidate Pool
    31. Flex Hours and Job Sharing
    32. The New Realities of Work-Force Makeup
    33. Outsourcing
    34. Roundup of the Recruitment Process
  9. 4 How to Read a Resume
    1. The Chronological Resume
    2. The Functional Resume and Broadcast Letter
    3. Broadcast Letters
    4. The Combination Resume
    5. Analyzing Achievement Claims
    6. Use a Matching Sheet
    7. How to Recognize Employment Gaps
    8. Last Thoughts on the Resume Screening Process
  10. 5 Telephone Interviews: The Great Timesavers
    1. From Phoner to Short List
    2. Scheduling Telephone Interviews
    3. Questions and Techniques for Phone Interviews
    4. The Verdict
    5. Delegating the Phone Interview
  11. 6 Backstage Passes: The Art and Science of Interviewing
    1. Interview Structure
    2. Setting the Tone
    3. The Benefit Statement and Interview Outline
    4. Job History
    5. Performance/Deliverables/Skill Set/Behavioral Profile Examination
    6. The Science of Interviewing Styles
    7. The Art of the Question
    8. #1: The Closed-Ended Question
    9. #4: The Negative-Balance Question
    10. #10: The Layered Question
    11. #11: The "Hamburger Helper" Question
    12. The Art of Conversation
    13. Live by the 80/20 Rule
    14. Framing Questions
    15. Sequencing Themes
    16. Keeping the Candidate on Track
    17. Handling the Flustered Candidate
    18. Control and the Overly Talkative Candidate
    19. Next Steps
    20. Multiple Interviews, Multiple Interviewers
    21. The Three-Act Play
    22. The First Interview
    23. The Second Interview
    24. The Third Interview
    25. The Power Luncheon
    26. Competent Interviewers
  12. 7 Ability and Suitability
    1. Can the Applicant Do the Job?
    2. You Start with Questions about Ability
    3. Basic Responsibilities
    4. How Long Will the New Employee Stay?
    5. Early Decision Time
  13. 8 Motivation
    1. Understanding What It Takes
    2. Problem Analysis and Decision-Making
    3. Organizational Abilities, Time Management, and Energy Levels
    4. Coolness under Fire
    5. Some Final Questions about Motivation
  14. 9 The Teamwork and Manageability Quotient
    1. Manageability Questions
    2. Finding the Team Players and Team Destroyers
    3. The Breaking Point
    4. Oh, the World Owes Me a Living
    5. What'd I Do?
    6. Wrapping It Up
  15. 10 The Management Hire
    1. Management Competency
    2. Hiring: The First Step in Team-Building
    3. Orientation of a New Employee
    4. Staff Communication and Motivation
    5. Authority and Discipline
    6. Attitude Toward Management
    7. Employee Turnover
    8. Day-to-Day Management Skills
    9. Fiscal Responsibilities
    10. Management Interview Skeleton
  16. 11 The Sales Hire
    1. Telemarketing Skills
    2. A Skeleton Interview for Sales
  17. 12 People Futures: The Gentle Art of Hiring Entry-Level Workers
    1. The Future
    2. Entry-Level Interview Skeleton
  18. 13 The Clerical/Administrative Hire
    1. The Clerical/Administrative Career Path
    2. Reliability
    3. Flexibility
    4. Judging Career Orientation
    5. Clerical Interview Skeleton
  19. 14 Interviewing Within the Law
    1. Employment Discrimination
    2. National Origin
    3. Religious and Political Beliefs
    4. People with Disabilities
    5. Legal Discrimination
    6. The Essential Functions of the Job
    7. The Total Hiring Picture
    8. ADA and Interviewing
    9. To Test or Not to Test
    10. Recruiting the Disabled
    11. The Incentive to Hire
    12. Hiring Within the Law
  20. 15 Hire Consciousness at the Executive Levels
    1. Hiring and the Life-Cycle Challenge
  21. 16 Hiring the Best
    1. Understand the Position You're Hiring For
    2. Screen Candidates Efficiently and Effectively
    3. Make a Well-Considered Final Decision
    4. Final Considerations
    5. In Conclusion
  22. Appendix A: Drug Testing
  23. Appendix B: Hiring the Best Reference Sites
  24. Copyright