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Book Description

A step-by-step introduction to one of the hottest new imaging trends. We'll walk you through making the best HDR images-from image capture to digital darkroom tips and tricks.

Table of Contents

  1. HDR: An Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography
    1. An Introduction to HDR
      1. Common Terms and Definitions
    2. Debunking Myths About HDR
    3. Making the Best Source Images
      1. Keeping the camera steady between exposures
    4. Image Capture Bracketing Methods
      1. Auto Exposure Bracketing
      2. Basic Auto Exposure Bracketing workflow
      3. Getting even more exposure value range with Auto Exposure Bracketing
      4. Create more source images by changing AEB value and repeating the AEB sequence
      5. If your camera does not have Auto Exposure Bracketing
      6. Take Total Control with a massive manual bracketing series of source images
    5. File and Folder Organization
    6. Ready, Set...Before You Go
    7. Photomatix Pro workflow
      1. HDR Generation in Photomatix Pro
      2. Tonemapping the HDR for output: Details Enhancer Method
      3. Tonemapping with Tone Compressor
      4. Other Cool Things in Photomatix Pro
      5. Batch Processing with Photomatix Pro
      6. Single File Tonemapping
    8. Adobe Photoshop CS2 Workflow
      1. HDR Generation with Adobe Photoshop CS2
      2. HDR Conversion in Adobe Photoshop CS2
    9. FDRTools Advanced Workflow
      1. HDR Generation in FDRTools Advanced 1.8.2
      2. HDR Processing with FDRTools Advanced
      3. Saving the HDR and LDR output image in FDRTools Advanced
    10. Software Comparison: Which HDR Processor is right for you?
    11. Final Image Adjustments of your HDR Output Image
    12. Final Thoughts
    13. About the Author