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Guns in America

Book Description

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, The Washington Post investigates America's complicated relationship with guns.

Wayne LaPierre, the leader of the National Rifle Association, calls gun control "the fight of the century." For more than a year, The Washington Post examined the long, bloody history of gun control in America, an investigation that was reopened and expanded after the massacre of first-graders in Newtown, Connecticut.

With new reporting on the state of gun reform in the aftermath of Newtown, including how the families are recovering and the dangers represented by new technologies such as 3D printing, this updated eBook shines a light on the hidden life of guns in the United States. From the power of the NRA and its war over the Second Amendment, to US guns fueling the drug war along the Mexican border, the prize-winning journalists of the Washington Post reveal the politics and the passions behind the continuing gun control debate.

Table of Contents

  1. Guns in America
  2. Guns in America
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
  5. PART ONE: The Big Picture
    1. History of gun control is cautionary tale
    2. How a marksmanship group became a mighty gun lobby
  6. PART TWO: Piercing The Secrecy
    1. One store, 2,500 crime guns
    2. How politics protects gun dealers
    3. In Virginia, small number of dealers supply most guns tied to crime
    4. Store's guns move quickly from counter to crime
    5. U.S. gun dealers with the most firearms traced over the past four years
  7. PART THREE: The Politics
    1. NRA-led gun lobby’s powerful influence
    2. Pasco and FOP lobbyists influence gun debate
  8. PART FOUR: The Regulators
    1. Firearms watchdog on short leash
    2. Troubled dealers stay in business
    3. Gunrunning sting gone fatally wrong
  9. PART FIVE: The Consequences
    1. How cop killers get their guns
    2. The tale of two guns
    3. U.S. guns tied to Mexican crime
  10. PART SIX: The Landscape After Newtown
    1. In the sad world of mass shootings, ages of Newton victims set them apart
    2. Data indicate drop in high-capacity magazines during federal ban
    3. Bloomberg wants to change the GOP
    4. Poll: Most Americans support new gun-control measures after Newtown massacre
    5. NRA's lobbying bags big legislative wins in states over the past two decades
    6. NRA-backed federal limits on gun lawsuits frustrate victims, their attorneys
    7. Both sides of gun control issue turn to women as spokespeople and symbols
    8. Giffords advocates for gun control in Congress where she once served
    9. Weapons made with 3-D printers could test gun-control efforts
    10. In gun-loving North Dakota, one activist pushes for gun control
    11. Gun deaths, violent crime overall are down in District and U.S., but reasons are elusive
    12. Gun advocates split with NRA on background checks
    13. Colorado still on the fence about gun control
    14. NRA money helped reshape gun law
    15. Gun deaths shaped by race in America
    16. NRA tactics erode post-Newtown support for gun-control measures
    17. Growth of suburbs in pro-gun states changing the political calculus in Congress
    18. Gun-control overhaul is defeated in Senate
    19. Recovered guns form a sea of steel from the District to Prince George's County
    20. After Newtown shooting, mourning parents enter into the lonely quiet
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