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Group Coaching

Book Description

Group Coaching is a practical guide to developing effective group coaching practice to develop and grow talent.Based on over 40 years of HR, consulting and coaching practical experience, it provides a framework of best practice supported by a range of tried and tested group exercises and tools.With tools and case studies throughout it will provide everything you need to run successful group coaching sessions effectively and develop group coaching as a way of liberating talent throughout any organisation.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Imprint
  4. Dedication
  5. Table of contents
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. Introduction : taking the group coaching journey
    1. Map of the book so you can navigate your journey
    2. Your final destination
  9. Part one: The cintext of group coaching
    1. 1. why it's important to start with self
      1. Discovering the reasons you’re interested in group coaching
      2. Finding your place on your journey
      3. Understanding the scripts you might be running
      4. Assumptions, beliefs and confidence
      5. The egoless coach
    2. 2. Benefits of group coaching
      1. Defined benefits
      2. The virtuous or vicious triangle
      3. Benefits elicitation exercise
      4. The benefits and gains for each party
    3. 3. Certainty drives action
      1. Getting clear on definitions
      2. How coaching has been defined
      3. Team and group coaching
      4. Facilitation and group coaching
      5. Boundary management
      6. Coaching isn’t therapy – although it can be therapeutic
      7. Knowing what you want and where you’re going
  10. Part two: Creating a group coaching strategy
    1. 4. Group coaching process
      1. How to create a coaching process
      2. The process map is not the territory
      3. The process is not a straightjacket
      4. The contracting process
      5. Co-creating the group coaching process
    2. 5. Group coaching blueprint
      1. Here’s one we prepared earlier
      2. GROW as a process
      3. Group coaching as growth
      4. Developing your own blueprint
      5. Keeping a beginner’s mind
    3. 6. Group dynamics and the group directive
      1. The origin of group dynamics: the term not the reality!
      2. Social psychology in groups
      3. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  11. Part three: Tools and processes
    1. 7. Contracting for 'success'
      1. The contract
      2. How contracting is different for group coaching
      3. Why contracting is important
      4. Qualification process
      5. Contracting out at the end of the group coaching assignment
      6. The ‘ground rules’ in group coaching
      7. Closure and contracting
    2. 8. Discovering the right tools
      1. Please may I use this tool?
      2. The overall contracting process
      3. Goals and outcomes
      4. Relating to others
      5. Decision making
      6. Change and transition
    3. 9. Creative group coaching
      1. How other people feel
      2. How you notice your own feelings
      3. Logic and numbers
      4. Images and spatial awareness
      5. Music, sound rhythms
      6. Physical movement
      7. Words and language
      8. Creativity starts with a growth mindset
  12. Part four: Measuring success
    1. 10. The challenges of measuring results from group coaching
      1. Legacy, vision, strategy
      2. The system you start with influences results
      3. Results = feedback
      4. Use the start and end points to create a journey
    2. 11. Measuring success in practice
      1. Success is a matter of perspective
      2. Have, do or be: which measure does your group use?
      3. Wisdom is self-perpetuating
      4. Recognition
      5. Success and wisdom in the real world
  13. Part five: Group coaching as talent liberation
    1. 12. Using group coaching as part of your talent system
      1. The purpose behind group coaching as part of your talent system
      2. The reason why that’s important
      3. What the likely benefits might be
      4. Diagnosing your current talent system
      5. Getting clear on your talent strategy
      6. Group coaching creates a learning organization system
      7. Is group coaching the only tool in your box to achieve your purpose?
    2. 13. Actions for optimizing collective talent
      1. Creating momentum by going back to basics
      2. Leveraging the group to optimize their talents
      3. Developing your talents as a group coach
      4. Optimizing collective talent requires ‘systems thinking’
      5. Summary
  14. References
    1. Websites
  15. Further reading
    1. Useful websites
  16. Index
  17. Full imprint