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Graduate to a Great Career: How Smart Students, New Graduates and Young Professionals can Launch BRAND YOU

Book Description

This is the most important moment in your career. Branding guru Catherine Kaputa will show you how to get it right. In today's job market, competition is fierce. After college, many graduates fall back to earth with a bump and struggle to launch a career in their chosen field. Graduate to a Great Career guides you through the job search process and teaches you how to use the exciting ideas used by top brands to make yourself stand out from the sea of applicants. Award-winning marketer Catherine Kaputa is an expert in personal branding and knows exactly how to make an application sizzle. Drawing on her years of experience, insightful case-studies of recent graduates, and fascinating insider details from campaigns like Nike, Volvo, and Google, Kaputa will help you to navigate the career landscape as she shares her strategy for standing out from other applicants, in even the most competitive industries. Graduate to a Great Career will give you the tools you need to survive—and show you how to thrive—by creating "Brand You."