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Google™ Apps: Administrator Guide

Book Description

With Google Apps, you and your colleagues or friends can check email, schedule meetings, chat in real time, collaborate on documents, and more. You can create your own personalized web and email addresses, and get loads of free storage. You can connect with others and access your documents 24/7, no matter where you are. Best of all, it's all hosted by Google-you get the same bandwidth, service, and machines that Google provides its staff and other online clients, and there's no hardware or software for you to install or maintain. Google Apps Administrator Guide is for aspiring and practicing webmasters or IT Professionals from any small business, university, college, eBay shop, charity organization, or any other kind of group that wants to work together. That means you can work with colleagues and friends in a single-sign-on web workspace. This book begins by explaining the often tricky and technical work of preparing your domain to work properly with Google Apps in friendly, layman's terms. That includes registering your domain, explaining zone files, transferring existing email accounts and web pages to your new domain and email system, and creating user accounts. Then it's time to start building your workspace by customizing how Google Apps interacts with your domain, and deciding which services you choose to provide for your users and employees, and/or friends and family. This book also discusses more advanced techniques for working online with Google Apps, including adding administrators, sharing calendars, editing web pages, and much more. Because Google Apps is always gaining new functionality, this book provides online updates and bonus chapters at http://bolesbooks.com/thomson/. Those online updates contain any major changes to Google Apps and help make sure your Google Apps Administrator Guide will always be up-to-date. This is the only book you will ever need to master Google Apps!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Your Google Apps Introduction
    1. I’m Kidding; But Not Really
    2. The Serious Beauty; No Kidding
    3. Pretty Platform Independent
    4. How Will This Book Help You?
    5. A Semiotic Promise
    6. Those Who Have Come Before You
  5. Preparing Your Domain
    1. Tell Me, Is It Safe?
    2. Welcome to BolesUniversity.com!
    3. Picking the Right Domain
    4. Signing Up for Service
    5. Signed Up: What Next?
    6. Trust, But Verify
    7. If You Need Help
    8. WARNING!: Spammers, Scammers, and Phishing
    9. You’re Now a Googleteer, Too!
  6. Managing Your Domain
    1. Trolling Your Control Panel
    2. Driving Your Dashboard
    3. Domain Settings
    4. A Dashing Domain
    5. Dominating the Dashboard
  7. Connecting Your Domain Users
    1. Heading into the Hole
    2. Into the Email!
    3. Manipulating Advanced Tools
    4. General Email Settings
    5. Email Addresses
    6. Managing Your Folk
    7. Dealing with Problem Users
    8. Creating New Users
    9. Bah-Ooo-Gah! Google Lockdowns and Limits
    10. Presenting Contacts
    11. Sending from Different Accounts
    12. Label Works
    13. Using Filters
    14. Forwarding and POP
    15. Clip That Web with RSS Feeds!
    16. Coming Up Next
  8. Scheduling Your Domain Calendar
    1. A Calendar for All Seasons
    2. Setting Up Your Calendar
    3. The Calendar Proper
    4. Adding to Your Day
    5. Public Calendars
    6. Making All Calendars Jump Through One Hoop
    7. Play Hide and Show
    8. Going Mobile
    9. Never Pick Your Nose, But Do Choose Your Alerts!
    10. Share and Share Alike or Never Share Once
    11. A Privacy Warning: Your Underwear Is Showing!
    12. How to Invite and Accept Calendar Events
    13. Your Daily Agenda
    14. A Friendly Reminder
    15. Always Remember and Never Forget
  9. Building Your Domain Web Pages
    1. Setting Up Your Pages
    2. Making the Page
    3. Editing a Page
    4. Managing Your Site
    5. Searching for the Experimental
    6. Back to the Future Manager
    7. Gadget or Gewgaw? The Inquisition
    8. Before I Close, but Staying Live...
    9. Eating Your Bandwidth
    10. Managing, Editing, and Surfing Around
  10. Crafting Your Domain Start Page
    1. What You See on the Start Page
    2. Artfully Accessing the Editor
    3. Publishing Your Start Page
    4. Winding Down from the Start
  11. Buzzing Your Domain Chat and Blogger
    1. Getting into Chatting
    2. Set That Chat!
    3. Forced into Web and Mail Chatting
    4. Mandating Chat Privacy
    5. Blogger in the Google Apps Grassy Knoll
    6. Burning the Boles University Blog
    7. Burning Down
  12. Creating Your Domain Docs
    1. What’s Up, Docs?
    2. Setting That Sheet!
    3. Logging In to Load Up
    4. A New Look at Google Docs
    5. Settings with Styles
    6. Back to Building
    7. Live Docs Collaboration
    8. Pubbing Your Docs
    9. Spreadsheets?
    10. Rounding Off the Docs
  13. The Invisible Chapter of Things to Come
    1. Tending BolesBooks.com for Freshness
    2. Google Apps Administrator Guide Bonus Chapters!
    3. Google Apps in the Tomorrow
    4. See You Soon!