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Google Apps Script for Beginners

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Google Apps Script is a scripting language used in conjunction with Google web-based applications (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Gmail, etc.) and external APIs. In this course, you’ll see how Google Apps Script can integrate the functions of multiple Google services with an externally located data source to create a new custom app. For example, you’ll see how Google Apps Script pulled data from a Google Sheet and an external source, and then combined and formatted the data into a Google Doc.

The key to using Google Apps Script is understanding its underlying language – JavaScript. The course teaches you enough of the concepts and syntax of JavaScript that you’ll come away with the ability to confidently code Google Apps Script tasks on your own.

  • See how Google Apps Scripts combine Google services and external APIs to create new apps
  • Review the functionality of core Google services like Sheets, Forms, Docs, and Gmail
  • Understand advanced Google services like Cache, Properties, UrlFetch, and HTML
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript – the language of Google Apps Script
  • Become confident in your ability to use JavaScript to code Google Apps Script tasks
  • Gain the ability to create Google Apps Script based applications on your own
Bruce McPherson is a GDE (Google Developer Expert) who is passionate about helping problem solvers everywhere, to combine Google services and cloud based APIs into innovative solutions. A former CIO and Chief Architect for companies like Motorola and Lucent, Bruce runs Pepada Consulting, hosts the Google Apps Script and JavaScript Community on Google+, and is author of the O'Reilly titles "Going Gas: from VBA to Apps Script" and "Google Apps Script for Developers".

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To Scripting
    1. Course Introduction
    2. About The Author
    3. Why Script
    4. How To Access Your Working Files
    5. Making A Copy Of The Working Files
    6. Projects
    7. Script
    8. First Container Bound Script
    9. First Standalone Bound Script
    10. The Scripting Environment
  2. Spreadsheets Service
    1. The Spreadsheet Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. The Spreadsheet Class
    4. The Sheet Class
    5. The Range Class
    6. Getting Data
    7. Setting Data
    8. Cell Properties
    9. Custom Functions
    10. Exercise
  3. Document Service
    1. The Document Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. The Document Class
    4. Elements
    5. Range Elements
    6. Ranges
    7. Text
    8. Formatting
    9. Images
    10. Searching
    11. Exercise
  4. The Menu System
    1. The App Menu
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Adding Items To The App Menu
    4. Adding Submenus
    5. Grouping
    6. Exercise
  5. Forms Service
    1. The Forms Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Creating A Form With The UI
    4. Creating A From Using Scripting
    5. Manipulating The Result Data
    6. Items
    7. Choices
    8. Sections
    9. Routing
    10. Exercise
  6. Mail Service
    1. The Gmail And Mail Services
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Sending Mail
    4. Threads
    5. Messages
    6. Attachments
    7. Labels
    8. Searching
    9. Exercise
  7. Properties And Cache Services
    1. Properties And Cache Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Properties Service
    4. Cache Service
  8. Calendar And Contacts Service
    1. Calendar And Contacts Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Events
    4. Guests
    5. Contacts
    6. Exercise
  9. Drive Service
    1. Drive Service
    2. New JavaScript For This Lesson
    3. Folders
    4. Files
    5. Permissions And Access
    6. Searching
    7. Exercise
  10. Advanced Topics
    1. Advanced Topics
    2. URLFetch Service
    3. WebApps
    4. Templates And Scriptlets
    5. User Interaction Part 1
    6. User Interaction Part 2
    7. Add-Ons Part 1
    8. Add-Ons Part 2
    9. Advanced Services
    10. Exercise
    11. Wrap Up