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Global Logistics, 6th Edition

Book Description

The world of logistics is constantly evolving and in the same way, the sixth edition of this established book has evolved to represent the current trends, best practice and latest thinking in global logistics. It serves as a forum allowing the contributors, a range of acknowledged sector specialists, to discuss key logistics issues and share their authoritative views. To keep its contemporary focus new chapters have been added covering subjects including: agile supply chains, creating shareholder value, IT, performance measurement, internet trading and humanitarian supply chains. The remaining chapters have all been updated.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover page
  2. Title page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Contributors
  6. Preface
  7. 1. New directions in logistics
  8. 2. Best practices in logistics and supply chain management. The case of Central and Eastern Europe
  9. 3. Trends and strategies in global logistics
  10. 4. Incentives and the strategic management of suppliers
  11. 5. Time compression in the supply chain
  12. 6. Building more agile supply chains
  13. 7. Using marketing and services strategies for logistics customer service
  14. 8. People powering contemporary supply chains
  15. 9. Creating shareholder value through supply chain management
  16. 10. Outsourcing: the result of global supply chains?
  17. 11. Risk in the supply chain
  18. 12. Supply chain vulnerability, risk and resilience
  19. 13. Information systems and information technologies for supply chain management
  20. 14. Improving management of supply chains by information technology
  21. 15. Delivering sustainability through supply chain management
  22. 16. Performance measurement and management in the supply chain
  23. 17. Optimizing the road freight transport system
  24. 18. Retail logistics
  25. 19. Internet traders can increase profitability by reshaping their supply chains
  26. 20. Time as a trade barrier
  27. 21. Learning from humanitarian supply chains
  28. 22. Global sourcing and supply
  29. 23. International road and rail freight transport activity
  30. 24. The changing supply of logistics services – a UK perspective
  31. 25. Developments in Western European logistics strategies
  32. 26. Logistics in China
  33. 27. Logistics strategies for Central and Eastern Europe
  34. 28. North American logistics
  35. Index