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Get-Real Selling, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Short, pithy, practical sales techniques and highly professional standards mark this book. Investing a couple of hours in the wisdom of these seasoned authors pays off immediately.

Table of Contents

  1. Get-Real Selling: Your Personal Coach for Real Sales Excellence
  2. Dedication
  3. What They’re Saying about Get-Real Selling
  4. Foreword
  5. Editor’s Note
  6. I. Setting the Stage: The True Purpose of the Consultative Sales Professional
    1. 1. Introduction: How Get Real Got Started
    2. 2. Sales Is the Greatest Profession
      1. Being a Consultative Professional and a Strategic Resource
      2. Being a Consultative Professional
      3. Being a Strategic Resource for Your Organization
    3. 3. Not Real: Faking Consultative Selling
    4. 4. The True Purpose of a Sales Professional – S.E.L.
    5. 5. Not Real: Selling Selfishly
    6. 6. Selling On Purpose – Is It Really an Art?
    7. 7. Not Real: The Easy Way
    8. 8. The Hard Way Is the Easy Way
    9. 9. Solutions Selling Defined - It Is Not a Fuzzy Concept!
    10. 10. Not Real: Bag Diving as Your Method of Differentiation
    11. 11. Differentiation – Live the Consultative Approach
    12. 12. Differentiation in the Real World
    13. 13. Half of Winning Is Just Showing Up
  7. II. Tried and True: Get-Real Sales Skills, Processes, and Tactics That Will Transform You into a True Consultative Sales Professional
    1. 14. Not Real: The Big-Hitter Approach: Part One of a Fable
    2. 15. When in Doubt, Go Study Your Customer’s Business! Part Two of a Fable
    3. 16. Business Acumen as Your Personal Differentiator
    4. 17. Searching for New Selling Opportunities
    5. 18. Not Real: Sales as a Remote-Control Business
    6. 19. Effective Techniques for Reducing Buyer Defensiveness
    7. 20. Not Real: Being Defeated by the Fear of Calling High
    8. 21. “Why Are You Calling on this Person?” “Because He’ll See Me!”
    9. 22. The Importance of Establishing Trust and Credibility
    10. 23. Not Real: Being Out of Sync with Customers’ Buying Preferences
    11. 24. Reading and Adapting to the Customer’s Buying Preferences
    12. 25. Discovery: The Most Direct Path to Sales Success
    13. 26. The Magic Question
    14. 27. Selling Strategically
    15. 28. The Get-Real Approach to Account Management
    16. 29. The Get-Real Approach to Opportunity Management
    17. 30. Being Strategic on Every Sales Call
    18. 31. Not Real: The Personal Relationship Trap
    19. 32. Understanding and Leveraging the Politics in Your Customer’s Organization
    20. 33. Presenting the Solution
    21. 34. Not Real: The Myth of Magic Closes
    22. 35. The Art of Get-Real Closing
  8. III. Hidden Elements of Sales Professionalism that Will Make You Stand Out from the Rest
    1. 36. The Triumphs of Calling on Executives
    2. 37. Not Real: Are You Your Own Competition?
    3. 38. Managing the Competition and Customers’ Reasons for Buying
    4. 39. Not Real: A Typical Bad Proposal
    5. 40. A Real Proposal: Complete, Concise, Correct
    6. 41. Not Real: The Myth of Forecasting
    7. 42. Sales Forecasting Done Well
    8. 43. Numbers: Metrics that Matter
    9. 44. The Secret of Get-Real Goal Setting
    10. 45. Not Real: Performance-Draining Uses of Technology
    11. 46. Positive, Performance-Enhancing Uses of Technology
  9. IV. The Bigger Picture in Professional Sales
    1. 47. Not Real: “You Are Either a Hunter or a Farmer”
    2. 48. Hunters and Farmers Are Not as Different as We Think!
    3. 49. Making Professional Relationships Work
    4. 50. Not Real: Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em!
    5. 51. A Neglected Step in the Sales Process – Keeping Customers for Life
    6. 52. Not Real: Out of Balance, On the Edge
    7. 53. Living a Balanced Life
    8. 54. Not Real: Living on the Run
    9. 55. Living On Purpose – Sales as My Profession
    10. 56. Not Real: Surviving vs. Thriving – Settling for Mediocrity
    11. 57. Driving Unrelentingly for Sales Results
    12. 58. Living On Purpose Self-Survey
    13. 59. Concluding Thoughts
  10. A. The Get-Real Sales Call Planner
    1. Initial Discovery Planning Tool
  11. B. The Get-Real Skills and Practices Checklist
    1. Presentation Planning Tool
  12. C. Bibliography
  13. D. About the Authors
  14. Index
  15. Copyright