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For Immediate Release

Book Description

It is essential that businesses know how to communicate quickly, often preemptively, and effectively to survive--and at a cost that is far lower than comparable marketing and ad campaigns. The first book by the owner of a top 50 PR agency (5WPR),For Immediate Release, Ronn Torossian reveals how public relations can do just that--while also defining brands; helping companies and individuals court the press or avoid it; growing business without alienating loyal customers; resolving crises quickly; and improving first page results on the most powerful search engine in the world (Google).

For Immediate Release will show you how to:

  • Frame the debate and control the conversation

  • Use new and old media in tandem to find your audiences and create highly personal, relevant impressions tailored for them

  • Promote the interests of your brand or business; deter or potentially stop what is not in your interest

  • Build on great press, and avoid or minimize bad press

  • Ensure the first thing people see about your business or brand during an Internet search is exactly what you want them to see

  • Handle a crisis in the most effective and efficient manner

  • See the positive difference effective PR makes through compelling case studies--Louis Vuitton, Fubu, BP, Toyota, Philip Stein, Zappos, and interviews with experts including Dr. Keith Ablow, political strategists Frank Luntz, Roger Stone and Hank Sheinkopf, and many others--and your own business.