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Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Book Description

Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics presents an overview of Food supply chains and covers the design and governance of the chain, supporting mechanisms and future challenges in the food supply chain.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  3. Title page
  4. Imprint
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. 01  Introduction to food supply chains
    1. The actors in a food supply chain
    2. Types of food chain
    3. Factors influencing food supply chains
    4. Case example: The milk-processing value chain
    5. Summary
  10. PART ONE  Food production
    1. 02  Food production
      1. Entities in the agriculture supply chain
      2. Agriculture and poverty alleviation
      3. The barriers to the development of the agri-industry
      4. Future steps for the agriculture sector
      5. Case example: Cargill works with producers on finance and risk management
      6. Case example: Nestlé works with dairy farmers
      7. Case example: ITC Ltd India empowers farmers through technology
      8. Case example: Microfinance models within the food sector
      9. Summary
    2. 03  Food manufacturing
      1. The importance of food processing
      2. Changing market conditions
      3. Food processing
      4. Food packaging
      5. Inventory management
      6. Food safety
      7. Procurement
      8. Case example: 3D printing of food
      9. Summary
  11. PART TWO  Operational challenges
    1. 04  Food retailing
      1. The retail environment
      2. How does the food reach the consumer?
      3. Online grocery retailing
      4. Challenges to the future of food retailing
      5. Case example: Retailers turning more to ‘dark stores’
      6. Summary
    2. 05  Food logistics
      1. Movement of food
      2. ICT future trends in agri-food logistics
      3. Packaging in logistics
      4. Temperature-controlled supply chains
      5. Case example: The dabbawala
      6. Case example: The journey of green beans from Kenya to UK supermarkets
      7. Case example: The fresh cut-pineapple supply chain from Ghana
      8. Summary
    3. 06  Challenges in international food supply chains
      1. International food supply chains
      2. Factors affecting the future of international food systems
      3. Managing challenges in international food supply chains
      4. International politics and food
      5. Case example: The growth of the Brazilian agriculture industry
      6. Case example: The impact of Fukushima disaster on Japanese food exports
      7. Case example: The cucumber fallout between Germany and Spain
      8. Summary
    4. 07  Collaboration and relationships
      1. Trends in supply chain relationships
      2. Current relationship models within the food sector
      3. Other trends within supply chain collaboration
      4. Case example: Starbucks and collaborative relationship with suppliers
      5. Summary
    5. 08  Food sourcing and procurement
      1. Sourcing
      2. Sourcing models
      3. Purchasing models
      4. Supplier segmentation
      5. Supplier development
      6. Strategic sourcing
      7. Sustainable procurement
      8. Case example: Mondeléz International
      9. Case example: PepsiCo – responsible and sustainable sourcing
      10. Summary
    6. 09  Risk management
      1. Risk management and uncertainty
      2. Risks in the supply chain
      3. Risks in the food supply chain
      4. Managing supply chain risks
      5. Managing risks in food supply chains
      6. Case example: China milk scare
      7. Case example: Sudan 1
      8. Case example: Salmonella Typhimurium in peanut butter
      9. Case example: UK horsemeat scandal
      10. Case example: Cadbury salmonella contamination, 2006
      11. Summary
    7. 10  Technology trends in food supply chains
      1. Traceability and use of technology
      2. Food production
      3. Food processing in a technological context
      4. Food packaging in a technological context
      5. Food logistics
      6. Summary
  12. PART THREE  Sustainability and future challenges
    1. 11  Food regulation, safety and quality
      1. Attributes to consider when designing food supply chains
      2. Food regulation and its effect on safety
      3. Food laws and regulation
      4. Reference standards
      5. Compatibility standards
      6. Private food standards
      7. Other initiatives within the food supply chains
      8. Case example: EU ban on imports of Indian mangoes
      9. Case example: The horsemeat scandal and food fraud
      10. Summary
    2. 12  Food innovation
      1. Classification of innovation methods
      2. Innovation systems
      3. Case example: Indian curry in the UK
      4. Product development in food supply chains
      5. Innovations within food supply chains
      6. Case example: Types of functional products
      7. Case example: Detecting counterfeit whisky through the bottle
      8. Summary
    3. 13  Sustainability challenges in food supply chains
      1. Sustainability – the origins of the idea
      2. Sustainable supply chains
      3. Sustainable food supply chains
      4. Measuring sustainability
      5. Developing sustainability within food supply chains
      6. Case example: Various initiatives within food supply chains
      7. Case example: Just Eggs – recycling egg shells to make filler for plastics
      8. Summary
    4. 14  Food sector and economic regeneration
      1. Infrastructure development for the food sector
      2. Food hubs
      3. Moving up the value chain
      4. Case example: Food infrastructure in India and new mega food parks
      5. Case example: Rubies in the Rubble
      6. Case example: Development of smallholder agro-processing in Africa
      7. Summary
    5. 15  Food security and future challenges
      1. Food security
      2. Drivers of change affecting food security
      3. Factors affecting the future of the food supply chain
      4. Balancing demand and supply sustainably
      5. Case example: Partners in Food Solutions
      6. Case example: Coca-Cola and water conservation
      7. Case example: International wheat initiative to improve wheat security
      8. Summary
  13. Additional reading
  14. Index
  15. Full_imprint