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Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization

Book Description

Arms you with powerful tools for overcoming resistance to change and creating a culture of collaboration, engagement, and employee empowerment

Your people are your most valuable asset, and if you want them to excel (and your profits to soar), you'll need to abandon your traditional command-and-control management style and adopt a collaborative, open leadership approach—one that engages and empowers your people. While this isn't a particularly new idea, many leaders, while they may pay lip service to it, don't really understand what it means. And most of those who do get it lack the skills for putting it into practice. In Flat Army you'll find powerful leadership models and tools that help you challenge yourself and overcome your personal obstacles to change, while pushing the boundaries of organizational change to create a culture of collaboration.

  • Develops an integrated framework incorporating collaboration, open leadership, technologies, and connected learning

  • Shows you how to flatten the organizational pyramid and engage with your peoples in more collaborative and productive ways—without undermining your authority

  • Explains how to deploy a Connected Leader mindset, a Participative Leader Framework, and a Collaborative Leader Action Model

  • Arms you with powerful tools for becoming a more visible leader who demonstrates the qualities and capabilities needed to become an agent of positive change

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgements
    1. Sherpas
    2. Inspirations
    3. Interlocutors
    4. Leaders
    5. Colleagues
    6. Stories
    7. Friends
    8. Love
  6. Chapter 1: The Mona Lisa is So Small!
    1. My Fears
    2. Whose Job is Leadership, Anyway?
    3. Engaging Definitions
    4. Why is Engagement Good?
    5. Why is Disengagement Bad?
    6. The Organization vs. Life Itself
    7. Why This Book? Why “Flat Army”?
  7. Chapter 2: How'd We Get So Rigid?
    1. The Grocery Store of Hierarchy
    2. Monarchy as a Catalyst?
    3. War Games and the Industrial Revolution
    4. The Dark Side
    5. Organizational Learned Helplessness
  8. Chapter 3: The Connected Leader
    1. Open Says Me
    2. The Connected Leader Chasm
    3. Falling into the Chasm
    4. From the Harmful to the Hopeful
    5. A Johnson & Johnson Story
    6. The Flat Army Philosophy
    7. The Connected Leader Attributes (CLA)
    8. The Three Be's of General Sherman
    9. The Participative Leader Framework
    10. The Collaborative Leader Action Model
    11. The Pervasive Learning and Collaboration Technologies Models
  9. Chapter 4: Becoming a Connected Leader
    1. Trusting
    2. Involving
    3. Empathizing
    4. Developing
    5. Communicating
  10. Chapter 5: Being a Connected Leader
    1. Analyzing
    2. Deciding
    3. Delivering
    4. Cooperating
    5. Clowning
  11. Chapter 6: Beyond the Connected Leader
    1. Coaching
    2. Measuring
    3. Exploring
    4. Adapting
    5. Bettering
  12. Chapter 7: The Participative Leader Framework
    1. The Untutored Eye
    2. Say it Forward
    3. Guanxi
    4. Autopoiesis
    5. Know Who You Know: Neighbor Networks
    6. Putting it all Together
    7. The Participative Leader Framework
    8. Participative Leader Framework in Action
  13. Chapter 8 : The Collaborative Leader Action Model
    1. Heterarchy is not Anarchy
    2. Hat Tip to Wirearchy
    3. Shell of the CLAM
    4. Connect (with Others)
    5. Consider (all Options)
    6. Communicate (the Decision and Action Plan)
    7. Create (the Result)
    8. Confirm (the Result Met the Target)
    9. Congratulate (Through Feedback and Recognition)
    10. When to CLAM and When not to CLAM
    11. Degrees of Flawless Execution and Collaborative Engagement
  14. Chapter 9: Learning at the Speed of Need
    1. Does Organizational Learning Matter?
    2. 70–20–10 or 3–33?
    3. Formal Learning
    4. Informal Learning
    5. Social Learning
  15. Chapter 10: Tools, Rules and Jewels of Being a Flat Army Leader
    1. Click Next for the “Cons” of Collaboration
    2. Conversation
    3. Content
    4. Context
    5. Collaboration Technologies and Sales 2.0
    6. The Technology Strikes Back
  16. Chapter 11: Flat Army in Action
    1. NHS
    2. Good Rockin’ Tonite
    3. Research in Motionless
    4. The Spirit of Hitachi
    5. Lessons from Scotiabank
    6. Zappos
    7. HCL Technologies
    8. Flat Army at TELUS
  17. Chapter 12: The Culture Quest of Flat Army
    1. Flat Army Philosophy
    2. Rolling Out Flat Army
  18. Afterword: In Collaborative Conclusion
  19. Endnotes
  20. About the Author
  21. Index