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Female Brand, The: Using the Female Mindset to Succeed in Business

Book Description

Just as individual strengths are based on who we are as people, gender-based strengths for women are essential assets of the female brand. Out of this provocative and challenging assertion, The Female Brand delivers the very latest in gender research into the female brain to debunk the notion that women have to play the “male” game to win in the workplace. With strategies taken from the best of Madison Avenue, branding guru Catherine Kaputa lays out proven techniques to help women across the business landscape leverage their female edge, including honing their empathy and intuition, maximizing the impact of their verbal agility, capitalizing on their collaborative leadership style, and fine-tuning the power of storytelling to further demonstrate what it takes to think and act like an authentic and relevant personal brand. Stories of personal journeys and thoughts on career success from over 100 women of all ages and walks of life add fresh insights into why the path to workplace success is different for women, how to tap into the strengths and aptitudes women are inherently wired for and why playing to the advantages of the female mindset is key to maximizing career and life success. Kaputa includes numerous hands-on exercises to help ground these valuable insights.