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Exposure Photo Workshop, 2nd Edition

Book Description

New and updated techniques for working with exposure

Exposure involves a variety of skills, but once mastered, can turn a hobbyist into a bona fide photographer. This hands-on resource dissects the components of exposure?ISO, aperture, shutter speed?and shows how they work together to capture the photographer?s vision. You?ll learn how to leave the safety of automatic settings and understand how controlling the settings can result in beautiful photos. Stunning photos of people, wildlife, and landscapes serve to inspire you to practice your new skills in exposure and create memorable and frame-worthy photos.

  • Unveils the many intricate levels of exposure and clearly explains how to master each one so that you can capture amazing photos

  • Encourages you to apply each of the techniques you learn with patience and experimentation when photographing people, wildlife, landscapes, or any other subject matter

  • Details the essentials for taking frame-worthy photos in a variety of challenges, such as action, night scenes, low light, bad weather, and more

  • Features updated, stunning, and inspiring full-color photos throughout

Exposure yourself to the fantastic and unparalleled advice contained within the pages of Exposure Photo Workshop, Second Edition!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Chapter 1: The Art of the Exposure
    1. What Is Exposure and Why Does It Matter?
    2. Recognizing a Good Exposure
    3. Taking Charge of Your Exposures
    4. Driving a Lean, Clean Shooting Machine
    5. The Myth of the Correct Exposure
    6. Exposure and Mood
    7. Artful Exposure and the Commercial Lab
    8. Monitor Calibration
  6. Chapter 2: Exposure Controls: A Primer
    1. Good Exposures with Any Camera
    2. Essential Exposure Controls
    3. Equivalent Exposure Settings
  7. Chapter 3: Measuring the Light
    1. How Light Meters Work
    2. TTL Meters
    3. Handheld Meters
    4. A World of Grays
    5. The Zone System
  8. Chapter 4: Lens Apertures and Depth of Field
    1. A Really Easy Lesson in Aperture Terminology
    2. The Creative Power of Depth of Field
    3. Depth of Field Factors
    4. Depth of Field and Compact Digital Cameras
    5. Depth of Field and Macro Photography
    6. Why You Should Always Use a Tripod
  9. Chapter 5: Shutter Speed and Subject Motion
    1. The Shutter Speed Progression
    2. Shutter Speed Options: A Gallery
    3. Manipulating Motion: The Creative Power of Shutter Speed
    4. Long Shutter Speeds and Dimly Lit Interiors
  10. Chapter 6: Training Wheels Off: Going Beyond the Green Mode
    1. The Primary Exposure-Control Modes
    2. Scene Modes
  11. Chapter 7: Natural Light Exposures
    1. A Daylight Primer
    2. White Balance and the Color of Daylight
    3. Creative White Balance Manipulation
    4. Lighting Direction
    5. Quality of Light
    6. Time of Day
  12. Chapter 8: The Easy Way Out: Simplifying Difficult Situations
    1. Metering Challenges
    2. Handling Contrast
    3. HDRI: The Ultimate Tool for Combating High Contrast
    4. Creating Dramatic Silhouettes
    5. Histograms: A Visual Aid for Seeing Contrast
    6. The RAW Format Solution
  13. Chapter 9: Photography after Dark and in Existing Light
    1. Considerations for Night Shooting
    2. A World of Nighttime Subjects
  14. Chapter 10: Special Considerations: Weather and Natural Phenomena
    1. Changes in Weather
    2. Autumn Scenes
    3. Snow Scenes
    4. Sunsets and Sunrises
  15. Chapter 11: Flash Photography
    1. Flash 101
    2. Flash Modes and Techniques
    3. Advanced Technique: Wireless Multiple Flash
  16. Glossary