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Exploring North American Landscapes

Book Description

There are places in America that have become icons of the lanscape, almost as though they have demanded to be photographed. The question is asked over and over: What is it that makes your heart beat faster and your blood begin to rush, leading you to reach for your camera? Marc Muench believes the answers to this question is buried in the stories of what landscape photographers have been doing over the past 50 years.

Muench, a third generation landscape photographer, tells us his stories as well as those of his father and grandfather. He shares his stunning images and discusses how landscape photography is more than simply an exploration of the landscape--it is ultimately an exploration of oneself. Muench also discusses the technical aspects of landscape photography and provides step-by-step lessons on image editing using Photoshop and other tools.

Photographers of all levels will learn how they too can find, capture, and process amazing landscape images.

Foreword by Katrin Eismann

Table of Contents

  1. Exploring North American Landscapes: Visions and Lessons in Digital Photography
    1. Acknowledgments
    2. Foreword by Katrin Eismann
    3. Introduction
    4. I. Explorations and Visions
      1. 1. Philosophy of Photography
      2. 2. The Secret Gene
      3. 3. The Decisive Placement
        1. The Warm-Up
        2. The Divine Angle
        3. Catching the Perfect Wave
        4. Inspired Moments
        5. As Good as It Gets!
        6. Heli Skiing in the Rockies
        7. Risks and Rewards
      4. 4. Chasing the Light
        1. Getting Lucky
        2. Catching the Light
        3. Change
        4. Chasing the Light
        5. Shooting Directly into the Sun
        6. Revealing the Light
      5. 5. Evolving Methods
        1. Panoramic Imagery
          1. Seven-Stitch Pano in the Desert
          2. Seven-Stitch Pano – Hawaii
          3. Basic Steps to Stitching Images
        2. Tilt/Shift for More
        3. Still Time Lapses
        4. Shooting Into the Sun
      6. 6. Favorite Places
        1. Sierra Nevada
        2. Santa Barbara County
    5. II. The Lessons
      1. 7. Making the Exposure
        1. Regarding Contrast
      2. 8. The Workflow
        1. Step 1 – Logging
        2. Step 2 – Selecting the Images
          1. My Bridge Preferences
        3. Step 3 – Post-Processing
          1. Post-Production Basics
      3. 9. Setting the Range
      4. 10. Massaging the Middle
        1. All Those Sliders
        2. Two More Great Tools
      5. 11. Quick Masking for Regional Dynamics
        1. Learning to Decipher the Dynamic Range of a Scene
        2. Calibrations and Profiles
        3. Does Your Image Need Quick Masking?
      6. 12. Real Color
      7. 13. Manual HDR
        1. What does HDR Mean: Hyper Digital Reflexes or High Dynamic Range?
        2. Manual HDR: Is There Any Other Way?
        3. HDR vs. SBR
        4. Shooting for HDR Images
        5. Camera Settings and Setup for Manually Exposing HDR
        6. Camera Settings and Setup for Exposing HDR with Auto Bracket Feature
        7. Capturing the Scene Manually
        8. Capturing the Scene with the Auto Exposure Bracketing Feature
        9. Combining Your Exposures
        10. Brush Settings
        11. Foreground and Background Colors
      8. 14. More HDR
        1. Quick and Easy Manual Override
          1. Additional Steps If Desired
        2. Auto Pixel Smashing with Photomatix or CS5 HDR Pro
        3. One Final Tip
    6. A. The First Two Generations of Muench Photographers
    7. B. Epilogue
    8. C. Index of Feature Images
    9. About the Author