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Excellence in Coaching, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Excellence in Coaching presents cutting-edge thinking in the field of workplace coaching. The second edition of this indispensible guide has been updated to reflect this rapidly evolving profession, and includes brand new chapters on the topics coaches need to understand in order to excel in the profession. This comprehensive book enables coaches to achieve personal excellence with a groundbreaking collection of best-practice material covering: setting up and running your coaching practice; transpersonal coaching; behavioral coaching; intercultural coaching; cognitive behavioral coaching; coaching and stress; NLP coaching; accreditation; evaluating coaching and appreciative inquiry.

Excellence in Coaching is essential reading for practicing coaches as well as for anyone studying coaching though the ILM, coaching training, a Master's course, or more generally as part of a pyschology or business degree. If you only have one coaching book on your shelf, this is the one to have.

This second edition of Excellence in Coaching is part of the successful Association for Coaching series, which includes Psychometircs in Coaching, Diversity in Coaching and Leadership Coaching (all published by Kogan Page).