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Everything Job Interview Book, 2nd Edition

Book Description

No matter how good your resume looks on paper, you won't get the job until you ace the interview. That critical one-on-one interview is your best chance to showcase your skills-if you make a good impression. In The Everything Job Interview Book, 2nd Edition, you'll learn how to do just that-from what to wear and when to arrive, to closing words and what to write in a follow-up letter. You also get the inside scoop on how to: Calm pre-interview jitters; Research potential employers; Formulate specific questions; Avoid common mistakes; Answer tricky questions about salary and experience; Keep track of interviews-the ones that went well and those that didn't; Return to the workplace after serving in the military; Look for a new job instead of retiring; Conduct a professional interview over the phone, on the Web, or in a videoconference. Packed with hundreds of real-life interview questions (and the answers that employers are looking for!), this is the only book you need to nail the big interview.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Top Ten Tips for a Winning Interview
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I Job Interview Strategies
    1. 1 Developing a Strategy
      1. Defining Your Goals
      2. Career Tests
      3. Recruiters/Career Counselors
      4. Job-Seeking Techniques
      5. Creating Your Resume
      6. Cover Letters
      7. Applying Your Strategy
    2. 2 Pre-interview Planning
      1. Interview Research
      2. How to Find the Information You Need
      3. Internet Research
      4. Practice Makes Perfect
      5. Mock Interview
    3. 3 Interview Day
      1. Dress for Success
      2. Pre-interview Preparations
      3. Ten Ways to Ace an Interview
      4. Ten Ways Not to Win an Interview
      5. Ready, Set, Go!
    4. 4 The First Defining Moments
      1. Time of Arrival
      2. Waiting for the Interviewer
      3. Introducing Yourself
      4. Starting Off on the Right Foot
      5. Set a Tone
      6. Your First Interview Probably Won’t Be Your Last
    5. 5 Getting Down to Business
      1. Making a Lasting Impression
      2. Showcase Your Knowledge
      3. Answering Questions
      4. Preparing Your Own Questions
      5. Illegal Questions
      6. Ending the Interview
    6. 6 After the Interview
      1. Saying “Thank You”
      2. Anatomy of a Letter
      3. Following Up
      4. Press On
      5. Taking “No” for an Answer
      6. Securing a Second Interview
    7. 7 The Job Offer
      1. Do You Really Want This Job?
      2. Will You Be Comfortable in This Job Environment?
      3. Will This Job Help Your Career?
      4. How Do You Negotiate a Fair Salary?
      5. Are You Happy?
  9. Part II Types of Interviews
    1. 8 Traditional Interview Types 81
      1. Structured Versus Unstructured Interviews
      2. Informational Interviews
      3. Phone Interviews
      4. Screening Interviews
      5. One-on-One Interviews
      6. Group Interviews
    2. 9 Alternative Interview Types
      1. Professional Portfolio Interview
      2. Shadow Interview
      3. Case Interview
      4. Performance-Based Interview
      5. Videoconferencing Interview
      6. Lunch Interview
      7. Stress Interview
      8. Computer-Assisted Job Interviews
  10. Part III Interview Questions You May be Asked
    1. 10 Skills and Experience
    2. 11 Job and Culture Compatibility
    3. 12 Interpersonal Skills
    4. 13 Problem-Solving Ability
    5. 14 Enthusiasm and Motivation
    6. 15 Creativity and Leadership Skills
    7. 16 Professionalism
    8. 17 Your Accomplishments
    9. 18 Career Goals and Personal Interests
    10. 19 The Abominable Zinger
    11. 20 Special Situations
      1. Students and Recent Graduates
      2. Career Changers
      3. Re-entering the Job Market
      4. Re-entering the Job Market after Being Laid Off or Fired
  11. Appendix: Sample Job Interview Questions
  12. Index