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Everything Coaching and Mentoring Book, 2nd Edition

Book Description

One of the most difficult things to do as a manager is spotting raw talent and then devoting the time and energy to shape and mold that employee toward achieving growth and excellence. "The Everything Coaching and Mentoring Book, 2nd Edition" guides managers and aspiring managers through implementing a successful coaching and mentoring program both in the workplace and in life.From delegating responsibility to expanding knowledge base and skill level, "The Everything Coaching and Mentoring Book, 2nd Edition" gives you completely updated information on this new approach.This indispensable guide features information on: inspiring self-motivation; coaching versus mentoring; overcoming common workplace problems; managing diversity; and, debunking common myths and mis-conceptions."The Everything Coaching and Mentoring Book, 2nd Edition" even takes readers beyond the workplace and provides insight into extending their newfound knowledge in all areas of life - including at home and in social settings.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Top Ten Reasons Why Coaching and Mentoring Bests Traditional Managing
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 The Brave New World of Coaching and Mentoring
    1. Building a Coaching Vocabulary
    2. Understanding the Benefits of Coaching
    3. Coaching and Mentoring Is Teaching
    4. Twenty-First Century Workplace Challenges
    5. Preparing Employees for a Future of Changes
    6. How Coaching and Mentoring Delivers
  9. 2 Coaching and Mentoring: Art, Not Science
    1. Why Coaching Is Not Therapy
    2. Good Coaches Produce Results
    3. Virtue Matters Most: Respect Breeds Respect
    4. Working Within an Ethical Framework
    5. Your Place in the Observation Tower
  10. 3 Motivating Employees: Easier Said Than Done
    1. Being All That You and Your Employees Can Be
    2. Inspiring Commitment
    3. The Importance of Performance Planning
    4. Seeing the Plans Through
    5. Measuring Performance
    6. By the Employee, for the Employee
  11. 4 Mentoring 101
    1. The Difference: Coaching Versus Mentoring
    2. Mentors: Powers of Example
    3. The Mentee: A Star Is Born
    4. Mentoring Do's and Don'ts
    5. The Mentoring Model
    6. From Mentee to Mentor
  12. 5 Using External Coaches to Your Advantage
    1. Why Some Companies Look Outside for Coaching
    2. Are You Secure Enough to Ask for Help?
    3. Maximizing External Coaching Effectiveness
    4. Setting Parameters for the External Coach
    5. Staying Fully Apprised
    6. Putting Internal Employees to Work as Mini-Mentors
  13. 6 A Coaching Blueprint
    1. What Dinosaur Managers Lack: Empathy for Employees
    2. The Coaching Blueprint for Success
    3. Listening Skills
    4. Lots of Feedback, Not Criticism
    5. Always Keep Your Cool
    6. Where Predictability Is Trust
  14. 7 Overcoming Workplace Obstacles
    1. High-Octane Coaching
    2. Corrective Coaching
    3. The Seeds of Common Workplace Problems
    4. Strive for True Delegating of Responsibilities
    5. Coach Certification: The Skills You Need
    6. Setting the Right Tone
  15. 8 The Power of Positive Thinking
    1. Judgment: There Is a Place for It
    2. Using the Power of Judgment in Your Coaching
    3. Keeping Negative Feedback Positive
    4. The Sensitivity-Plus Approach
    5. The Importance of Giving Regular Feedback
    6. A Positive-Thinking Case Study
  16. 9 Communicating Vision and Goals
    1. The Role of Coaches in Vision and Goals
    2. Why Long-Term Planning Is So Important
    3. Goals Provide Direction
    4. Career Development
    5. Enhancing Self-Awareness in Employees
    6. A Coach's Performance Plan
  17. 10 Measuring Your Coaching Effectiveness
    1. Evaluating Your Coaching Job
    2. Your Unique Coaching Style
    3. Coaching Treasure Hunt
    4. Professionalism: The ABCs
    5. Working with Professionalism
    6. The Work Ethic
  18. 11 Time Management
    1. Prioritizing Is Job One
    2. The Enemies of Time Management
    3. Dealing with Problems Head On
    4. Teaching Employees to Manage Themselves
    5. Keeping Preventable Stoppages to a Minimum
    6. Timesavers
  19. 12 Interviewing Prospective Employees
    1. Finding the Coachable
    2. Remember Those Open-Ended Questions
    3. How Experience Cuts Both Ways
    4. Finding the Right Fit
    5. Don't Go There: The Wrong Questions
  20. 13 Conflict Terminators
    1. Meeting Conflicts Head On
    2. Confronting the Combatants
    3. Bad Attitudes
    4. Attitude Adjustment: Is It Really Possible?
    5. When Employees Don't Get Along
    6. Live and Let Learn
  21. 14 Dealing with Employees' Personal Lives
    1. Coaching Is Not Social Work
    2. The Balancing Act: Work Versus Home
    3. Should Coaches Be Friends with Their Employees?
    4. More Reasons to Keep It Strictly Professional
    5. The Sex Factor
    6. Caring about Your Employees Without Crossing the Line
  22. 15 Coachable Moments
    1. Using Positive Reinforcement
    2. When to Employ Coaching Techniques
    3. The Flip Side of Coachable Moments
    4. Teaching Your Employees How to Learn
    5. Locating Opportunities for Learning
    6. A Yogi Berra Lesson: Observe by Watching
  23. 16 Altering the Corporate Culture
    1. Understanding How Corporate Cultural Shifts Occur
    2. Respecting and Encouraging Individual Initiative
    3. Company Politics: The Last Campaign
    4. Hello Support, Goodbye Hierarchy
    5. Satisfying the Customer
  24. 17 Enhancing Profitability
    1. The Coaching and Mentoring Shock Absorber
    2. Flexibility Is Key
    3. Coaching and Mentoring Is a Sound Investment
    4. The Coach as Detective
    5. Brainstorming Gets Results
    6. Guidance Counselors: Coaches Supplying Answers
    7. Putting a Human Face on Corporations
  25. 18 Managing Diversity
    1. Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
    2. Making Equal Opportunity Mean Just That
    3. Why Gender and Ethnicity Issues Matter More Than Ever
    4. Eradicating Unhealthy Behaviors
    5. Coaches as Risk Takers
    6. Thinking Long Term
  26. 19 The Next Frontier: Retail and Service Industries
    1. Meeting the Public Face to Face
    2. It's Easy to Forget That the Customer Is King
    3. Motivating Service and Retail Employees
    4. Starting Coaching and Mentoring in New Places
    5. Managing on Two Levels
    6. Curbing Bad Attitudes Where They Are Rampant
  27. 20 Coaching and Mentoring: A Legacy
    1. Demographic Challenges: Baby Boomer Retirements
    2. The Educational System
    3. Critical Talent: Missing in Action
    4. Passing on Knowledge to Future Generations
    5. Tapping Into Senior Executives Before It's Too Late
    6. Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow
  28. 21 The Role of a Lifetime: A Script for Mentoring
    1. Mentor and Mentoring: Words and Reality
    2. The Evolution of Mentoring Relationships
    3. The Mentoring Play in Four Acts
    4. Mentoring Playbook
    5. What the Right Kind of Mentoring Produces
    6. Mentoring: History Is on Your Side
  29. 22 Ten Myths of Coaching and Mentoring
    1. Myth: Capable People Don't Need Coaching
    2. Myth: Your Employees Do Most of Your Work
    3. Myth: You Must Be Easygoing to Coach People
    4. Myth: Employees Are Intimidated by Direct Communication
    5. Myth: Coaches Don't Need Technical Qualifications
    6. Myth: Only Employees Who Want Coaching Are Coachable
    7. Myth: Close Working Relationships Make Conflicts Impossible to Rectify
    8. Myth: Coaching Works Only in Office Jobs
    9. Myth: A Coach Meets with Employees as a Therapist Meets with Patients
    10. Myth: Coaches Make All Decisions in Concert with Employees
  30. Appendix A: Glossary
  31. Appendix B: Resources
  32. Appendix C: Case Studies
  33. About the Author
  34. Copyright