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European Founders at Work

Cover of European Founders at Work by Pedro Gairifo Santos Published by Apress
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Loic Le MeurSeesmic and LeWeb

Loic Le Meur is the founder and CEO of Seesmic, a suite of social media management and collaboration tools. With his wife, Le Meur also founded LeWeb, the number-one tech event in Europe. LeWeb brings 3,000 entrepreneurs together every year.

Prior to Seesmic and LeWeb, Le Meur started four other businesses. The first one, founded in1996, was B2L, one of the first web agencies in France. It was sold to BBDO in 1999. In 1997, he founded RapidSite, a shared hosting company that he sold to France Telecom in 1999. In 2000, he founded Tekora, a packaged web site solution. In 2003, he founded Ublog, a weblogs platform ...

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