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European Founders at Work

Cover of European Founders at Work by Pedro Gairifo Santos Published by Apress
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Giacomo Peldi GuilizzoniBalsamiq

Giacomo Peldi Guilizzoni is an Italian entrepreneur that founded Balsamiq in 2008. Before becoming the CEO of his start-up, Guilizzoni worked seven years in the United States as a programmer at Macromedia and Adobe. He used the launch of Balsamiq to move back to Italy. Balsamiq is the market leader in web Mockups. In a period of only three years and with a very small team of nine people located all over the world, it has generated more than $6 million in revenue.

Pedro Santos: How did you have the idea for Balsamiq and what did you do to get that idea to actually to turn it into reality?

Giacomo Peldi Guilizzoni: ...

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