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European Founders at Work

Cover of European Founders at Work by Pedro Gairifo Santos Published by Apress
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Iain DodsworthTweetDeck

Iain Dodsworth founded TweetDeck in London in 2008. TweetDeck is a personal “browser” that enables users to monitor Twitter, Facebook and other social networking feeds in a dashboard.

Prior to TweetDeck, he worked as a contractor in London’s financial district. He developed TweetDeck to solve his own difficulties with too much information on Twitter. Witnessing TweetDeck’s explosive growth, Twitter bought the start-up in 2011 for a reported $40 million. At the date of sale, TweetDeck had more than 20 million downloads.

Pedro Santos: How did TweetDeck start? How did it start as an idea, and how did you go from there until ...

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