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Essentials of Retirement Planning

Book Description

This book provides the quintessential information needed to understand the financial side of the retirement planning coin. Readers will begin by learning about the various plan types available to the employers to offer to their employees. The topics related to compliance testing are thoroughly discussed as well as strategies used to legally shift benefits in favor of the highly compensated employees. However, some employers do not sponsor a plan. In this instance, retirement savers will need to understand the options available in the world of individual retirement accounts. This book is not intended to provide investment advice, but rather to guide how different retirement savings vehicles function and how they can be effectively deployed. Many financial professionals find that their clients will ask questions about all aspects of their financial life. For this reason, this book also discusses non-investment-related topics, such as housing options, social security planning, Medicare planning, and a few other basic insurance-based issues faced by all retirees.