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Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Book Description

Entrepreneurs are, in essence, individuals who take action to convert their ideas into reality. Doing so involves completing many steps; Robert Baron describes these steps, and provides guidance for performing them successfully. To do so, he incorporates several unique and useful features: • the information presented is based on current evidence, rather than ‘informal knowledge’ or comments of specific entrepreneurs • the focus is primarily on the essentials – the issues and topics most central to the field • the book does not assume extensive knowledge of basic management disciplines, and so is accessible to readers with a wide range of backgrounds. The practice of entrepreneurship, too, is fully represented and emphasized in special sections that highlight what entrepreneurs actually do, to attain success. Presenting a concise, current overview of entrepreneurship both as an academic field and an important business activity, this text is ideal for use in undergraduate and MBA level introductory entrepreneurship courses in business schools as well as in engineering, science and social science programs.