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ePublishing with InDesign CS6: Design and produce digital publications for tablets, ereaders, smartphones, and more

Book Description

Here's the designer's guide to creating excellent e-books with InDesign

Creative professionals are designing more and more e-books and e-zines as digital publishing increasingly gains market share. This book pulls together a wide range of essential information to help them maximize the versatility of InDesign for e-publishing. If you need to know how to build, deploy, and manage digital publications using InDesign, here's your guide to the process, from understanding the platforms and devices and how best to design for them to creating media-rich content for multiple formats using a variety of technologies.

  • Designers are seeking to sharpen their skills to compete in today's e-publishing market, and this book is packed with necessary information about creating and adapting content for e-publication

  • Explains how to plan a new digital publication, convert a print publication to digital, add multimedia and interactivity, and publish and distribute the finished product

  • Covers platforms, devices, and formats; creating media-rich content; designing for different devices; and managing digital publications

  • Examines Adobe's Digital Publishing System, CSS, HTML5, and other commercial vehicles available for e-publishing on multiple platforms, including iPad, Kindle, NOOK, and other tablets and e-readers

ePublishing with InDesign is a valuable tool for designers seeking to boost their skills and create cutting-edge e-publications.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
  5. Chapter 1: Exploring Ereading Devices
    1. Device Classes
    2. Ereaders
    3. Tablets
    4. Computers
    5. Mobile Phones
    6. Hybrid Devices
    7. Future Devices
  6. Chapter 2: Learning about Digital Publishing Formats
    1. Quick Reference: Format Capabilities
    2. EPUB
    3. Amazon Kindle Formats: MOBI, AZW, and KF8
    4. PDF
    5. Digital Replica
    6. Interactive Magazine
    7. HTML5
  7. Chapter 3: Surveying the Digital Publication Types
    1. Quick Reference: Publication Types in Format Classes
    2. Ebook
    3. Emagazine
    4. Enewspaper
    5. Etextbook
    6. Digital Comic Book
    7. Designing for Devices
  8. Chapter 4: Creating Basic Ebooks
    1. Creating an Ebook from Scratch
    2. Testing Your EPUB
    3. Styling Your Ebook
    4. Converting a Print Publication to an Ebook
  9. Chapter 5: Working with Images and Multimedia in Ebooks
    1. Exporting Images to Ebooks
    2. Preparing Images for Ebooks
    3. Adding Audio and Video to Ebooks
    4. Adding Vector Graphics to Ebooks
  10. Chapter 6: Fine-Tuning EPUBs
    1. Getting Inside the EPUB
    2. Editing Files Inside an EPUB
    3. Editing Ebook Metadata
    4. Creating Multiple-Chapter Ebooks
    5. Creating Tables of Contents
  11. Chapter 7: Creating PDF Publications for Digital Delivery
    1. Planning a PDF Publication
    2. Starting a New Document
    3. Exporting to Interactive PDF
    4. Adding Audio and Video
    5. Creating External Hyperlinks of All Types
    6. Devising Intra-Document Navigation
    7. Creating Advanced Interactivity
    8. Finalizing the Publication
  12. Chapter 8: Covering the Basics of Interactive Magazines
    1. Planning an Interactive Publication
    2. Creating Multiscreen Layouts
    3. Working with Pan, Zoom, Slideshows, and Galleries
    4. Adapting Designs to Various Layouts and Tablets
    5. Using Liquid Layout Behaviors
    6. Utilizing Hyperlinks of All Types
    7. Inserting Audio and Video
    8. Adding Animations and 3D Rotating Objects
    9. Employing Scrolling Page Regions and Content Replacement
    10. Integrating Live Web Content
  13. Chapter 9: Creating Interactive Magazines with Adobe DPS
    1. Installing Adobe DPS
    2. Starting a Publication
    3. Adding a New Layout
    4. Live-Testing Your Publication
    5. Panning and Zooming Images
    6. Creating Slideshows and Galleries
    7. Incorporating Audio and Video
    8. Adding Animations and 3D Rotating Objects
    9. Creating 3D Panoramas and Spaces
    10. Using Content Replacement
    11. Adding Live Web Content
    12. Including Offline HTML
    13. Applying the Finishing Touches
  14. Chapter 10: Creating Interactive Magazines with Aquafadas DPS
    1. Installing Aquafadas DPS
    2. Starting a Publication
    3. Adding a New Layout
    4. Live-Testing Your Publication
    5. Panning and Zooming
    6. Including InDesign Vector Objects
    7. Understanding Picture-Enrichment Options
    8. Creating Slideshows and Galleries
    9. Incorporating Audio and Video
    10. Adding Animations and 3D Rotating Objects
    11. Producing Before-and-After Comparisons
    12. Building Read-Along Text
    13. Employing Scrolling Page Regions
    14. Using Content Replacement
    15. Adding Live Web Content
    16. Including Offline HTML, Games, and Activities
    17. Adding Actions and Advanced Buttons
    18. Applying the Finishing Touches
  15. Glossary
  16. Index