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Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: International Perspectives

Book Description

Interest in the quality of higher education provision has been steadily increasing over the last twenty years. This has been driven largely by the international creation of explicit policies and reporting requirements to review, audit and evaluate provision. The interest is associated in many countries with the granting by governments of greater autonomy to higher education institutions. This, crucially, comes bound with increased requirements for accountability in the exercise of such power. Enhancing provision, promoting innovation, cultivating exploration and adopting information-led approaches to practice are at the very heart of higher education. As such quality enhancement comes in many guises and is under constant scrutiny.

Enhancing Quality in Higher Education looks critically at recent developments in higher education, taking snapshots of changing practices around the world and analysing the varied theoretical perspectives of quality enhancement that are emerging. The opening section draws upon this theoretical base, whilst the second section contextualises it through the analysis of a diverse range of international case studies. The concluding section considers future prospects for the enhancement agenda in the light of the international pressures facing all systems of higher education in the future. Policy will inevitably be shaped by the historical contexts within which national systems are located.

The book draws on a wide range of international case studies, examined by a host of contributing experts. The movement towards quality enhancement can be seen as stimulating action at the grassroots of the academy to self-generate improvement. It is a counter to the prevalent view that change in higher education is essentially about the institutional response to increasing societal pressure and state control and, as such, is a welcome contribution to the literature. This comprehensive volume is essential reading for anyone involved in higher education and educational policy.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. List of Illustrations
  7. List of Contributors
  8. Series Editor’s Introduction
    1. International Studies in Higher Education
  9. Foreword
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. List of Abbreviations
  12. Introduction
    1. References
  13. Part 1: Theorising Enhancement
    1. 1. Meanings of Enhancement
      1. Introduction
      2. Quality Enhancement
      3. Quality Assurance, Assessment, Audit and Accreditation
      4. Critical Components
      5. Quality Management
      6. Concluding Remarks
      7. References
    2. 2. Quality Culture at What Cost? Pursuing Educational Excellence in Straitened Times
      1. Introduction
      2. UK Responses to Quality Cultures
      3. Quality Cultures and the Quality Enhancement Model in Scotland
      4. Financial Constraints and Their Implications for Quality
      5. Conclusions
      6. Notes
      7. Acknowledgements
      8. References
    3. 3. Achieving the Focus on Enhancement?
      1. Introduction: What Is the Problem?
      2. Assessment, Assurance and (No) Enhancement?
      3. What Are the Main Reasons why Quality Assurance Does Not Enhance Quality?
      4. Can Quality Assurance Be Changed to Aid Quality Enhancement?
      5. In Conclusion
      6. Notes
      7. References
    4. 4. Using Research Findings to Inform Quality Enhancement
      1. Varieties of Institutional Research
      2. Single-Institution Studies
      3. Studies Involving Multiple Institutions
      4. Getting ‘the Message’ Across
      5. Pressure, Stress and Realism
      6. Notes
      7. References
  14. Part 2: Enhancement in Context: International Perspectives
    1. 5. Quality Enhancement in England: From Funded Projects to Student-Led Demand
      1. Introduction
      2. The Beginnings of Quality Enhancement
      3. The Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund
      4. Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
      5. Student-Led Quality Enhancement
      6. Conclusion
      7. References
    2. 6. ‘To See Ourselves as Others See Us’: The Scottish Approach to Quality Enhancement
      1. Introduction to Quality Enhancement in Scotland: Context and Culture
      2. Characteristics of the Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF)
      3. Implementation and Realisation
      4. Barriers to Implementation
      5. Conclusion: Complex Change and Contingency
      6. References
    3. 7. Quality Enhancement in American Higher Education
      1. Introduction
      2. Historical Overview of Faculty Development in Higher Education
      3. The Stakeholders
      4. Conclusion
      5. References
    4. 8. Enhancing Quality: A Finnish Perspective
      1. Introduction
      2. The Value Basis of Quality Enhancement
      3. Enhancing Quality at Laurea
      4. Plan–Do–Check–Act: The Quality System at Laurea
      5. The FINHEEC Quality System Audit at Laurea in 2010
      6. Development areas and challenges in quality enhancement
      7. FINHEEC Centres of Excellence: Evaluations in Laurea
      8. Learning by Developing (LbD): International Evaluations at Laurea
      9. Quality Teaching Review by OECD/IMHE
      10. Conclusion
      11. References
    5. 9. Contributions of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Quality Enhancement in Canada
      1. Introduction
      2. A Lack of National Support for SoTL in Canada
      3. A Role for SoTL in Attempting to Define and Evaluate Quality in Canadian Higher Education
      4. Institutional Support for SoTL in Canada
      5. The Relationship between SoTL and Institutional Quality
      6. Survey: SoTL and Perceived Institutional Quality
      7. Survey Analysis
      8. Findings
      9. SoTL and Quality Enhancement in Canada: Some Conclusions
      10. Where to from Here?
      11. Note
      12. References
    6. 10. Quality Enhancement: The Australian Scene
      1. Introduction
      2. Australia’s Approach to Quality over Time: Historical Overview
      3. The Australian Quality Scene Compared with International Policy and Practice
      4. The Place of Quality Enhancement in a New Regulatory Era in Australian Higher Education
      5. Implications, Challenges and Opportunities
      6. Concluding Remarks
      7. References
    7. 11. The Portuguese Case: Can Institutions Move to Quality Enhancement?
      1. Introduction
      2. The Portuguese Context
      3. Quality Enhancement under the New System
      4. How Institutions View Their Internal Quality Assurance Systems
      5. Discussion and Conclusions
      6. Notes
      7. References
    8. 12. Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in the Czech Republic: Past, Present and Future Challenges
      1. Setting the Stage: Czech Higher Education at a Glance
      2. Quality Enhancement on System Policy Level
      3. Quality Enhancement at Institutional Level
      4. Quality Enhancement in Czech Higher Education: A Bridge over Troubled Water
      5. Notes
      6. References
    9. 13. Enhancement or Transformation? The Significance and Dimensions of Quality Enhancement in Higher Education in South Africa
      1. Introduction
      2. Higher Education Outcomes and the Key Educational Challenge in the Developing World
      3. Quality Enhancement as Undoing the Causal Powers of Inherited Structures and Cultures
      4. In Conclusion: Towards a Quality Enhancement Agenda for South Africa
      5. Notes
      6. References
    10. 14. Obstacles to Improvement in Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      1. Introduction
      2. Higher Education before the Conflict
      3. The 1992–1995 Conflict in B&H
      4. Higher Education following the Conflict
      5. External Interventions
      6. Conclusion
      7. Notes
      8. References
    11. 15. Quality Enhancement in Turkish Higher Education
      1. Overview of the Turkish National Higher Education System
      2. The Development of Quality Systems and a Quality Culture in Turkish Higher Education
      3. The Development of Quality Systems in Turkish Higher Education
      4. The Bologna Process and Its Impact on the Turkish Higher Education System
      5. Future Developments
      6. Conclusion
      7. References
    12. 16. The Four-Year Degree in Hong Kong: An Opportunity for Quality Enhancement
      1. Introduction
      2. Educational Aims and the Students’ Experience of Learning
      3. Rationale and Structure of the Proposed Curriculum
      4. Institutional Processes and Structures
      5. Conclusion
      6. Acknowledgements
      7. References
    13. 17. The Present Situation of Quality Enhancement in Japan
      1. Introduction
      2. The Japanese Trend towards Quality of Education
      3. From the First Stage to the Second Stage of Quality Enhancement in Japan
      4. The Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Japanese Higher Education
      5. The JCIRP Program
      6. The Association of Our Research Findings with Quality Enhancement
      7. Conclusion
      8. Notes
      9. References
    14. 18. How a Nationwide Student Uprising Brought About Transformative Quality Enhancement in Sri Lankan Higher Education
      1. Introduction: A Context for Quality Enhancement in Sri Lanka
      2. Unemployability-Induced Student Unrest, Insurrection and Youth Commissions
      3. Making the Unemployable Graduate Employable – a Bold Experiment
      4. Initiating Quality Enhancement in Higher Education: Changes to University Teaching and Curricular Developments
      5. Spreading the Initial QE to Progressive Levels and across the Country
      6. An International and Multilateral Contribution to QE
      7. Systems and Processes for Sustaining and Strengthening QE
      8. A Corporate-Sector Contribution to QE
      9. A Future for QE
      10. References
    15. 19. Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education in Vietnam
      1. An Overview of Higher Education in Vietnam
      2. Factors Enhancing Higher Education Quality
      3. Conclusion
      4. Editors’ Note
      5. Notes
      6. References
    16. 20. The Impact of Quality Improvement on University Work: An Overview in Seven Ibero-American Countries
      1. Description of the Study
      2. Frame of Reference
      3. Main Findings
      4. Recommendations
      5. Notes
      6. Bibliography
  15. Part 3: Conclusion
    1. 21. Enhancing the Future: Context and Fidelity
      1. Introduction: The State We Are In
      2. Contexts of Enhancement
      3. Conclusion
      4. Note
      5. References
  16. Index